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Default What they Could've Improved in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

1. Seriously the story in the campaign wasn't even that accurate and they left out a lot of important facts and changed stuuf around like they left out what Naruto and the Leaf ninjas did during the Itachi Pursuit arc and etc.

2. Online mode was so basic, it was just go to lobby and you have two choices Ranked match or Free match with friends. You could either look for a match or host a match of you and another guy. They could've added other options like other batlle modes like a party, tournament, survival, and other modes.

3. Awakenings were'nt played out, they should've even the balance of power among the awakenings a bit more but I do admit that what they did by making better awakenings like Naruto's and Itachi's pop up when your health bar is lower than someone like Sakura or Ino to unlock their Awakenings but they should've made weak Awakenings like Sakura's and Ino's last more longer than haxxed Awakenings like Naruto's and Itachi's. Also, some Awakenings weren't accurate or interesting like Kabuto's and Tsunade's as well as Sai's. I mean for Kabuto they could've gaven him the Orochimaru possessed form like in UNH3, Tsunade(ANYTHING ELSE BUT THIS) and Sai could've got an bird summoning or something like Chiyo's.

4.Lack of destruction and interraction on the battlefield, I mean seriously no destructible environments. They could've added destrucible environments. I mean this isn't DBZ but they could've atleast make us be able to destroy an chair or some scenery in a stage but all we got was cracked floors.

5. Boxed in battle space, I mean though the battlefield or stages were large it felt that we were stucked in a circle. I mean when were hit far away we end up hitting an invisible wall. I mean if we were hit far away we should hit a stage object like a building wall. Only the Uchiha Hideout isn't like this

6. They didn't manipulate the stage arena, by that I meant in some stages(this goes with #5) or all of them there is this restricted area with this vast amount of space to fight in. I mean like in the Leaf Village Stage you a stairway that leads to the Hokage mansion and an extra road and other parts of the field in which we can run in and fight but being restricted in an invisible we can't even access or use them. Even the Training Field you have bushes were you can't go near them. Only stages that fully manipulates their environments are Akatsuki Hideout and Uchiha Hideout.

7. No interractable envirornments, I mean we can't hide behind rocks or run up enviromental structures like walls(like in Storm 1) or trees. This is a game about an anime about an manga about ninjas they should have ninja skills and functions. The only interacterble environment is the Uchiha Hideout and its because of that one chair in the back.

8. Lack of combos or skills, I know that its hard to give combos to a 3D fighter but really the lack of skills is annoying. I mean they weren't able to use all of jutsus for some characters like Sage Naruto and Sasuke especially Deidara, Pain, and Jiraiya. I find it cheap that some characters get 2 jutsus while others only get 1 and that most of the characters jutsus can only be found in combos. Although the grab jutsu and the tilting jutsu was an good idea.

9. Team Ultimates were lame, when I thought of Team Ultimate Jutsus I think of an combine attack with 3 or 2 characters not 2 or 1 supporting characters attack with thier basic combos while the main character uses his regular Ultimate of an finisher. You know when you select an team and your team might get an special title depending on the people you choose like if you pick Naruto and Hinata you get (Secret Lovers). I think that if your team has an special title then your team should get an special Ultimate Jutsu depending on your team and title like for Naruto and Yamato your Ultimate is that Hurricaune Vortex attack they used on Kakuzu or Naruto and Sasuke's(Best-Friends) is an combined Wind Style: Rasengan and Chidori. So forth and you get it.

10. No Jutsu Clashes, yeah bring those backs.

11. The Campaign was plain as heck, I mean about the other factors other the story I mean the missions, requests, and other things. Make it more RPG like. I mean there was no missions you just had to find people who needed help. An mission station where you can take on requests of all kinds but are ranked D-S would've been nice like in the old UN games. I mean for trial events like Naruto's Chakra Nature training and Sage Mode Training they could've used an obstacle or special challenge instead of me just fighting and the Sage Mode training part doesn't make sense. You can add an trial or challenge for bird hunting but story related items.

12. No Free Roam, though unlike Storm 1 we could travel to a large variet of places but they took unlimited free roam in which you can walk on walls, jump from high builings and so forth. Walking to where I need to go doesn't make me or Naruto feel like a ninja. I WANNA FEEL LIKE A NINJA!! I think its because we can have other guys come with us which is why they took unlimited free roam but no matter they could've just found an way around it like in KH 358 days/2or Shadow the Hedgehog where the guys just have to catch up and if they don't they just pop up with us if we get far away.

13. Lack of characters, 42 guys and one of them isn't an Naruto character is just weak. They could've used other guys like Zetsu, Konohamaru, Kotetsu, Izumo, even the other six paths besides Deva, Yugito Ni, Obito, Hiruko, Shizune, Anko, and Kurenai. Even supports only would be nice.

14. DLC could've been used, if you wanna to get the game produced quickly sure fine but you coulda used DLC to add extra content to keep people from getting bored. That was just an bad move. If not DLC some extra unlockable content.

Basically they should make like UNH3 but in an 3D version.

The game was good and I give it an 7/10 but the game designers were lazy.
Meet the Greatest, most Beastest, Crazy, Chaotic Game this Year.

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Its basically Devil May Cry(or Bayonetta) meets Dead or Alive meets Streets of Rage meets Street Fighter meets Power Stone meets Vanquish in gameplay but in essence its DragonBall Z meets One Piece meets Berserk meets Naruto.

Here is the thread:

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Default Re: What they Could've Improved in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

I agree on the stages, free roam, and ultimate team jutsu thing.
Key Lime Pie; can't go wrong there.

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