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Default Fugaku Uchiha - The Tears of the Uchiha part 5

I couldn't hold it anymore. It seems you guys are really interested in this. I have finished with this story and tomorrow will be about Setsuna Uchiha.

Being a shinobi requires that you seal off your emotions to allow you to complete your mission. Being a leader requires you to make tough decision's sometimes at the cost of lives. Being a father requires caring and protecting your family at all costs. How does one reconcile all the traits needed from these roles into one. Can a heart truly contain all of these within its chambers.

The Tears of the Uchiha part 5 by Reignwulf
Rearing an Heir............... The Hidden Room

<The uchiha family home at dinner near sunset>

Sasuke: Dad can i come with you tonight?

Fugaku: eh? Come with me where?

Sasuke: to one of your secret meetings.

Fugaku: What secret meetings?!

Itachi: Indeed. What secret meetings?

<Fugaku glares at his eldest son>

Mikoto: Their not secret meetings sweety. Your father has many responsibilities. Not only is he the head of the Konoha Military Police Force but he is also the head of the Uchiha Clan. These meetings are to discuss the welfare of the clan and improvements we can make to better our lives. Many Uchiha attend these meetings.

Sasuke: so why can't I go?(with a slight pout) i'm an Uchiha.

Fugaku: (stern faced) you are too young to understand the important nature of the issues brought up in these meetings!

Sasuke: oh. (looks disappointed and fiddles with his chopsticks)

<Itachi putting a hand on young Sasukes head>

Itachi: its like father says the nature of these issues are very complex......(lowers his tone to a conspiratory whisper) very boring stuff its why i choose not to go.

Fugaku: These issues are of the upmost importance to the entire clan and effect everyone and our daily lives.

<Itachi cups his hand by his mouth and mouths the words "very boring stuff" to Sasuke, who gives a wry little smile. A smile that only further irritates their father.>

Fugaku: you need to start taking these meetings more seriously. More over you need to ATTEND the meetings. You are a vital link to us. Shisui will be speaking tonight and has some important information to share.

<Itachi stands and yawns at this. He picks up his bowl from the table bringing an immediate pause to the conversation.>

Itachi: Thank you for the meal mother, it was excellent as always. Unfortunately father i cannot attend the meeting tonight. I have a mission tomorrow and I leave at first light.

Fugaku: What?! This is the first i am hearing about any mission.

Itachi: i would think that as a member of the Anbu Black Ops the secret nature of my missions would not be a contested issue, especially when speaking with such a notable shinobi of skill and stealth such as yourself father. (he pauses, letting the intentional jib hang in the air) In any event i can get the full report from Shisui when we do our patrol in a few days when i return from my mission. (walking out) I hope you have a good meeting father. (walks into the shadows of the hall) as for me i have to prepare.....prepare for things to come.

<sensing the thick tension building in the room as it has several times in the past few weeks>

Mikoto: come Sasuke it will be time for bed soon. Dear you should be get going as well. It won't look good to have the leader of the meeting arrive late.

Fugaku: Your right. Sasuke go get the maps on my desk.(Mikoto throws him a pleading glance as Sasuke rises sadly and silently at his abrupt dismissal from the table) Perhaps tomorrow i will go over the maps with you Sasuke.

Sasuke: really?! promise?!

<Fugaku nods, sending his youngest son bounding into the interior of the house in search of maps. Sasuke excitingly, shouts his fathers promise to his brother somewhere in the house. Fugaku turns to a grateful smile from his wife. He then turns and his mood slightly sours as he looks at Itachi's vacant seat. An image he is starting to become annoyingly familair with>

Fugaku: i just don't know what to do with him. He is a rare genuis and a treasure of our clan. Why can he not see that HE is the future of our clan. Why can he not act accordingly?

Mikoto: Itachi will come around, but in the meantime don't forget that you have two sons and you need to show interest in both of them.

Fugaku: spoken like a typical mother.

(Mikoto takes the cutting knife on the kitchen counter and hurls it at the dining table. The blade passing slightly over Fugaku's left shoulder, slices an apple on the table in two. The force of the blade striking the table and the slicing of the apple sends the two halves leaping into the air. Mikoto leaps backwards into the air catching both pieces and landing in the seat neat to Fugaku.)

Mikoto: Spoken like an Uchiha shinobi who is the clan leaders closest consort and bearer of the heirs of the uchiha clan. (opening Fugaku's two hands and placing a half of the apple in each hand) You have some of the strongest eyes in our clan, so why is it that you only see one son and not two?

<Fugaku kisses his wife, the sweetest fruit of all, and rises from the table>

Fugaku: your counsel as always proves most wise my love.... It's a wonder i go to these meetings at all for counsel. (looking at the dishes) perhaps i should have the meetings here.

<smiling at his little jib she returns one of her own>

Mikoto: I guess your son is more like you then you care to admit. In any event if you did i'm sure Sasuke wouldn't mind.

<as if on cue at mention of his name Sasuke bursts into the room with maps much longer then himself drapped across his chest.)

Fugaku: Good. I must be going. Remember Sasuke, tomorrow afternoon meet me at the Naka Shrine.

Sasuke: RIGHT!!

Sasuke: Father what are we doing here?

Fugaku: Look at the setting of the sun. As the last of the light shines onto the entrance the metal and gems reflect the light brightly.

Sasuke: i don't understand?

< as the last of the fading sunlight produces the blinding rays Sasuke feels himself yanked forward at incredible speed. He feels the power of his fathers arm around him as he is jerked into the shrine and then pulled to the far right. Still blinded by the flash he can scarecly make out 7 light taps of his fathers foot, he then suddenly feels himself falling downward. The urge to cry out is stifled by his fathers hand. Fugaku releases Sasuke and lights some nearby candles. Sasuke rubs his eyes still slightly blinded. He opens them to see a huge room.

Sasuke: where?!

Fugaku: this is a secret meeting room of the uchiha. Here we keep some of our most precious secrets. Here we plan to become masters of our fate.

Sasuke: masters of our fate?!

Fugaku: Sasuke you and your brother will both be very important people to the uchiha one day, to all of the Hidden Leaf and someday even the world. You were born into greatness because it is part of your blood. You have a power that only we possess. With it we can see a new future for ourselves and our clan. One day you too will be able to see this future. Sasuke i want you too look at this tablet and tell me what you see.

Sasuke: i don't see anything i see some etchings and a langauage i don't recognize.

Fugaku: one day you will be able to see so much more. When you awaken your sharingan you will learn truths of this tablet and you will see the world through new eyes. You will be able to see what i see, what is hidden beneath the surface, but this power comes from great strength. Strength that you have yet to attain. You must prove yourself and to be a true Uchiha you must master our signature technique. The Fire Style: Great Fireball Technique.

Sasuke: i can do it. You just watch me.

Fugaku: then you should start training and remember this place is a secret. As a shinobi you cannot reveal its location to anyone { in thought.....yes my son i will be watching. You and your brother ITACHI very.... very..... carefully indeed}. We should go now its getting late.

Sasuke: my training starts tomorrow.

(they exit unseen and walk casually back to their home. Sasuke the whole way back practices the hands seals for the technique he must learn to become a true uchiha. Mikoto is outside waiting for them and waves as they approach. She gives Fugaku a scolding look for keeping Sasuke out so late and hurries him off to bed.)

Fugaku: i will be in to bed in alittle while i just want to enjoy the night air some.

<he closes the door and stares silently up into the night sky. His hands slowly reaching into his back pocket.>

Fugaku: Show yourself!

(emerging from the shadows like a wraith)

Shisui: Impressive as always.

Fugaku: Why are you here?

Shisui: Someone has been leaking information about our activities.

Fugaku: ???

Shisui: I wouldn't be here if i wasn't certain. I have had suspicions for sometime but not enough proof.

Fugaku: and now?

Shisui: Now i will need some help to flush the traitor out. I will need Itachi's assistance.

Fugaku: I don't like being kept in the dark. Who exactly are we dealing with?

Shisui: The more apt question you should ask Lord Fugaku is what are we dealing with?

Fugaku: "What" we are dealing with?

Shisui: Its all here in this report its for "your eyes" only. A drop of blood will unseal it. Speak with Itachi as soon as you can and send him to me.

< Shisui merges with the shadows and is gone a moment later. Fugaku bites his thumb and releases the seal on the report and activates his sharingan.

Fugaku: Impossible!!!!

Next time: The Tears of the Uchiha part 6
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