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Default Awesome Anime based RPG game

Not positive this is the perfect section to post in since this is not a ps2 game but it's the best section I could find. Be sure to message me in game if you like it and plan on playing, i'll get you into my village and help you out with info and items.

A couple days ago I found a awesome Browser RPG game based on all Anime (a lot of Naruto involved), been playing for about a week so far and love it. So anyone that likes graphic/text rpg type games should definetly give it a try. This is not a referal scam trying to convince you to click a link. I get nothing out of it unless you actually make a character and play for 4 days, so unless you truly like the game I'll gain nothing. Anyhow here is the link and hope you enjoy it. You will also automatically end up in the same village as I am in if you choose the option to jump into a random village, my character name is Skimanner and I'll be more then happy to help you out if you have any questions. The game is very confusing at first, because its not like most games you would play, but once you understand it you will love it (if you like anime and these types of games). It took me about 2 days to start understanding it and then I looked at the wiki that has all the info you need, which really got me into the game. I wouldnt suggest looking at the wiki until you play for a couple days or it wont make much sense to you. You can just google billy vs. snakeman wiki and it will come up. Also make sure you read the how to play on the main screen (the same screen you use to login).

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