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Question Naruto's Potential Rinnegan

Keep in mind that all I am saying is hypothetical, I simply trying to figure something out.

Ok so im pretty sure we can all recall when Itachi shoved a crow down Naruto's throat , which apparently its the new trend in passing down power. Lol. Due to his hint that he hoped he Naruto would never have to use that "power", the lot of us assumed it was the ability to unlock the rinnegan. So lets say push comes to shove; Naruto has both Senju and Uchiha traits (thanks to itachi, possibly sasuke), and experiences a tragic death I.e. sakura, kakashi, insert preffered character here. He now, like Nagato, unlocks the rinnegan in distress. How will this doujutsu benefit him? I understand there is little know of the rinnegan, but how do you think Naruto would utilize it? It seems the most common use is the six paths (Idk what else to call it, but the use of six bodies, common field of vision, special attributes etc) as seen with Tobi and Pain, however Naruto doesnt seem like the type to possess anothers body, let alone 5 others; but there is the account of Madara (edo tensei) who just seems to have the eye. Side question what has this eye given Madara, how has it strengthened him if at all.

I've been thinking about this lately, tell me what you think.
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