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Default Tsuyoshi Takeru (fanfic by Namikaze Minato Sensei)

Name:Tsuyoshi Takeru
Birthdate:April 10
Affiliation:Village Hidden in the *insert village name here soon*
Current Ninja Rank:Genin
Graduation Age: N/A soon
Sensei:Shinichi Takeru
Height:163,42 Cm
Weight:59,27 Kg
Hair colorark Brown
Eye color:Blue
Blood Type: 0
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Pizza, Sushi
Chakra Nature:Lightning, Water
-Chakra Control: 5.0
Special Signature Abilitys: Ranton Ooarashi (Storm Element Raging Storm)
Handsings: Tora-Tatsu-Mi-Uma-Hitsuji
Kekkei Genkai:Eye of the Storm
Clan Summon: Blood contract with the Family of Cats
Family:Shiro Takeru (jonin, Leader of the Clan)
Masahiro Takeru (jonin, older brother)
Satsuki Takeru (chuunin examiner, older sister)
Fumiko Takeru ( jonin Kunoichi, Mother)
Nindo: "I seek power in order to protect the Takeru clan !"
Strenghts:Ambition, Guts, Perfectionist
Weaknesses:Beautiful Girls,Family,Friends
Weapons and Accesory:Kunai,Shuriken,Lightning Shuriken,Fog Bomb
Lightning: Lightning Clone Jutsu,Lightning Stream Jutsu
Water: Water Pool Technique
Ninja Art:Summoning Jutsu
Hobbys:Training with his brother,learning new jutsus

Kekkei Genkai Description:
The Eye of the Storm technique was developed by Takeru Clan founder Shiro Takeru. It has a special ability that grants immunity against Raiton for the Takeru clan. Basically the EoTS allows the user to use the water, found in the air ,to stream Lightning Element trough it. It was feared during 2nd Great Shinbi war because using the EoTS with the Ranton Ooarashi could take down over 50+ Shinobi at once. Shiro Takeru was granted the nickname Amegakure's Thunderbolt.

Tsuyoshi Takeru's story:
Tsuyoshi was born in a small village near to Amegakure. His mother Fumiko Takeru(former member of the Takeru clan) gave him the name because Tsuyoshi was her grandfather. Tsuyoshi is the youngest of the three Takeru members) and that's why his big brother hated him. In the Takeru clan Shiro decided that his son Tsuyoshi will be his successor after he dies. Hearing this, Masahiro got angry and decided to challenge his father to a battle so he can show his father that he is worthy to be his successor. Shiro Takeru accepted the challenge and fought against his son with full power. Masahiro couldn't stand up after the first Jutsu his father used. Then Shiro said with great dissapointment: "I knew you would never be worthy to be my successor". Hearing these cruel words, Masahiro was depressed and tryed to kill himself. After 6 years when Tsuyoshi was already a Ninja academy Student, Masahiro accepted his fathers choice and started to train Tsuyoshi. Tsuyoshi was considered to be the wonder-kid of the clan, not only because he was the Main branch of the Takeru clan but because he already knowed Ninjutsu at the age of 6. He attained his Kekkei Genkai at the Age of 9 and he graduated the Ninja Academy with 7. He became Chuunin with the Age of 11. He knew that he has to proove somethin to his father so he won't be dissapointed.

Clan Origins:
Shiro Takeru was a monk from the Rain country. He was gifted in Ninjutsu especially in Lightning Techniques. He was so skilled that he could even Stream Lightning through air. After his family and parents got killed he was so drowned in depression that his soul has filled with hatred. He formed the Takeru clan so he could attain enough power to rule the whole Ninja world. One day when he was traveling, he met a shinobi. That shinobi explained him that hatred cannot rule this world. He then asked him what the true formula for peace and respect is. The misterious man then smiled and answered: "There is no formula for that" and then dissapeared. Hearing these words, Shiro learned that he could never rule over the world drived by his hatred. He gave up on his seeking for revenge and completely changed his mind. After 3 years he met Fumiko and felt in love with her. Together they moved to a small village near Amegakure. After 2 years, Masahiro was born and as their first born child, Shiro decided that he should be the succesor. As the years passed Masahiro grew with the thought becoming the succesor of the Takeru Clan but suddenly a girl was born, Satsuki Takeru.
Masahiro was afraid he could never be the successor of the Clan but his father told him that a woman can't become my successor, it has to be my youngest son. Masahiro was sad and he knew the day would come when his younger brother will be born. Masahiro feared that day. Masahiros 8th birthday came and at the same day two other things happened. Masahiro graduated the ninja academy and his younger brother Tsuyoshi was born. Masahiro didn't know what he should feel... Sadness...Happyness? He was confused. He hated his borther more than everything, he knew that until Tsuyoshi lives, he can't be the successor of his father.

The first Mission:
After Tsuyoshi graduated the Ninja Academy, he officially was a Genin. But soon his first mission came. It was a C-ranked Mission. The main objective was to escort the rich Business-Man Riku Osamu to the Rock village. Team 6 with Tsuyoshi Takeru, Kenzo Daiki, Sayori Tomomi and their Jonin Leader Kiyoshi Masao should protect the Business-Man at all cost. After 2 days of walking Kiyoshi stopped and told everyone too be quiet. He heard that a shinobi was chasing them and he knew that the target would be Riku Osamu. Then suddenly 3 shinobis appeared. They said they won't fight if Team 6 give them Riku Osamu. Kiyoshi denied. Then the first Shinobi attacked Riku with a Kunai. Tsuyoshi bloacked the Kunai with his Lightning Kunai. Then the two remaining shinobi created 2 water clones each. Kiyoshi told his team to protect Riku Osamu. While one of the shinobi and his two clones were fighting Kiyoshi, The other Shinobi with his 2 clones charged at Riku and the remaining Ninja prepared Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu. Tsuyoshi casted Lightning Style Lightning Stream Technique Lvl 1. Kenzo was skilled in Earth Style Jutsu so he used Earth Style Earth Defense Pillar. Now Tsuyoshi and Kiyoshi were the only ones battling. Tsuyoshi kicked one of the Shinobis Water clone and destroyed it. But the second one was attacking him from behind. He used a Giant Shuriken and threw it. Tsuyoshi couldn't dodge it and was hit in the Back. The third ninja casted Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu. Kiyoshi casted Earth Style Earth Spears and destroyed the two remaining Water clones of the first ninja. Tsuyoshi was injured but he didn't give up. He attacked the second shinobi with a lightning shuriken. The second ninja caught the shuriken and was laughing at Tsuyoshi. Then Tsuyoshi used a handseal and the Lightning Shuriken gave the Ninja an Electric Shock. Kiyoshi used Wind Style Gale Palm and threw a big Shuriken. The ninja couldn't parry the Shuriken and was directly hit.

More soon ^^ i'm tired like hell...

Image and more Story's soon ! ^^

Favorite Quotes:
"If you want to kill me, despise me, hate me, and live in an unsightly way... Run, and cling to life, and then some day, when you have the same eyes as I do, come before me."- Uchiha Itachi

"No, you don't get it, thats why I'm telling you. You think you get it, which isn't the same as actually getting it. Get it?"-Hatake Kakashi
"Feel pain... Contemplate pain... Accept pain... Know pain."-Pain

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