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Default Collage of Songs(Poem)

Hi guys, this is my second poem. Hope you all enjoy. I just took a bunch of lyrics from inspirational songs and mashed them all together, with some new stuff that I added. I do not own any of the songs. All credits go to Adam Lambert, and 19 Entertainment. Its literally a collage of songs.

Broken Pieces
Why Won't you shatter
You follow the shadows
And You've Had Enough

You think that If you Shatter
You'll have to take shelter
And Hide Forever
Your soul will be ok

And youve had enough
Searching For love
When everyone else
Is a shadow of the mob.

You must be yourself
I promise you, your soul will be ok
In the Aftermath
Please Don't Lose your way.

You can ask as much as desired
What do you want from me?
The shadows remain silent
So break open

Broken Pieces
I Know the battles
Of chasing The shadows
Of Who You want to be

Now its time
If the aftermath
Now go, strut
Enjoy the gift of life

Your soul will be ok
"With bleeding hands I fight for a life thatís beat me down
Stand up and scream while the rest of the world wonít make a sound."
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