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Red face Naruto Is Back,And Ready For Action!

It Has Been 3 Years Already!?
The number one knuckle head ninja of Konohagakure,Naruto Uzumaki,
has finale returned[after 3 long and hard years of training with master jiryia] to batle out with his friends in an epic journey of missions and tasks.naruto,the host jinchuriki of the kyubi[9 tailed fox] is reved up to save sasuke from the hands of orochimaru,but it has gotten in the way of his revenge on now naruto must settle with garra's abduction, the akatsukis lur to capture the 15 year old jinchuriki, and his friendships among his teamtes.when i reviewd the first 50 episodes of shippuden,i noticed that naruto is more impacient than ever. he did the same thing in 1-4 of shippuden. he never waits til kakashi says golike his first task 3 yers ago, and he gets so over worked over his friends.but he is stronger and more determained.

What Spoilers Will People Blurt Out?

Well most people are going to ruin it for all of you who havent even made it past naruto shippuden 23. and trust me, i know alot about naruto.things you all might not know.and i have seen 139 of shippuden.i will only tell you it's the moment you have all been waiting there it is.any ways.the spoilers are kakshi's weakness,lol.and these spoilers can be a pain but you gotta luv them.

Whats Is To Come In The Series?

You will all be seeing action and love, epic scenes and sadness all in one. sakura shows off her other side too.that is cool.and kakashi still can't quit reading make out tatics.but we gotta luv him'll be seeing new faces,new friends,new foes and lots of check that out here at you will realy enjoy it.

Check out more of my forums for spoilers and info on the before shippuden story.thanks bye
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begging, naruto shippuden

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