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Default Nine-Tailed Forum Rules - ALL NEW USERS PLEASE READ 4/24/09

Welcome to the discussion forum, ninja. As you venture forth into the brave world of online discussion, please follow the rules below. We wouldn't want to take away your headband for breaking the law!


1. Let's keep discussions civil and respectful
We want the forum to be a place where Naruto newbies and seasoned fans alike can have a good time. Disagreement and debate are fine, but name-calling, harassment and flame wars are not. We reserve the right to delete posts and suspend or ban users if things get out of hand.

2. Spoilers
Some of you may be further ahead in the story than others, especially if you're following the manga. For the benefit of those who haven't caught up, carefully mark all spoiler-ific content. If there is any doubt, it's always better to be cautious about marking spoilers.

3. Inappropriate materials
No pornographic, vulgar, racist, or excessively violent language or images. If you're in doubt about something you want to post, check out the user policy (link) you read when you first signed up.

4. Spam
As Weird Al once sang, it "makes a darn good sandwich any way you slice it," but it's not groovy on a discussion thread. Keep it out of the forum. Same goes for links to any illegal warez or materials. Any such postings will result in immediate banning of the user.

5. Fansubs, fan translations, fan art
Due to legal reasons, please keep any discussions, postings and links of fan translations, fan art and fan-subbed anime off this site.

6. I want to tell you...
We want to hear your feedback about how we're doing with Naruto, both the pros and cons. Really. We've provided a section in the forum for your opinions, so please take advantage of them. It makes it easier for us to collect your feedback. Please follow rule #1 and keep things civil.

7. Stay on topic
This makes the forum much easier for everyone to navigate. If a topic inspires a new topic, great - just start up a new thread. Please also post threads in appropriate forum sections.

8. Account scamming
It goes without saying that this is a serious offense. If you think your account has been scammed, please contact a moderator.

9. If you need help...
Check out our FAQ first. If that doesn't help, post a message in the Feedback section. This includes technical issues and any inappropriate material you may see on the site.

Thanks, and enjoy the discussion!
- forum moderators

Some extended discussion:

Image/Video Posting
Due to legal reasons, please do not post or link any Naruto images (this includes anime screenshots and scanned manga) or any Naruto videos whatsoever. Additionally, the same goes for all other Viz properties.

Fan fiction and Role-playing
Due to legal reasons, fan fiction is not allowed on the site. However, you are allowed to "create" new things within the Naruto world (jutsu, villages, characters, etc.) as long as you refrain from including said things in any kind of story or narrative.

The ruling on role-playing is as follows: as long as you do not take on the persona of real Naruto characters and/or construct a story out of your role-playing, you'll be okay.
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To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
gives you a lot more free space than normal to work with if that helps, but mainly, it's easier than me getting a thousand emails I have to download and upload with a file again to reply
To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
. Thanks for wanting to help though!

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