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Default naruto: ninja UNIVERSE

the naruto mmo

its got all the basic mmo stuff like custimisable characters

setting: the basic naruto world you select what villiage your from

jutsus:all styles cap 2 but if you choose a kekei genkai release yor not allowed to chose you get the two elements that make that otherwise your free to choose + 1 type of generic(non elemental) jutsu e.g shadow clones

summons: in this game outside of battle summons can be used as mounts except you can choose nearly any animal you in battle you need a fair bit of chakra to summon it but you summon the fighter version e.g gamakichi

kekei genkei: you can chose from a reease e.g lava relaese/ or from another kind e.g kimimaros bone thingy of sharingan

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