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Default Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja of the Kage

I for one think it would be a great idea if they made an rpg where you can go around as more than one character like Broken Bonds. Having options to go to different areas for example: Visit Sasuke at the hospital. Also flashbacks of Sasuke's past and "Train Fire Style" or "Visit Itachi to Train Shuriken Style". And having seperate boxes to seperate the time skip like Younger Sasuke, Younger Sasuke(Black Uniform) or Younger Naruto, Younger Naruto(Vermillion) and Naruto or Naruto(4 Tails) and also Sasuke, Sasuke(Taka Uniform)and have the jutsu of there uniform like Sasuke(Take Uniform) would have Karin(it is not a spoiler if it's on the website). And Itachi's Susanoo also
Sasuke(Hawk)Mangekyou Sharingan Mode or Sasuke(Hawk) Susanoo Mode.
and also the classic RPG mode to catch up to the main Shippuden events like the Rescuing Garra Arc, the Finding Sasuke Arc(with 4 tails), the Hidan and Kakuzo Arc, the Sasuke and Itachi Arc(with Tobi, Wisdom obi, Madara(Tobi))with (Snake)Orochimaru and Kabuto(Orochimaru Possession)
The Invasion of Pain Arc and the Five Kage Summit Ark.
And all of that.
With Danzo, Ao, Killer Bee, E, and Ino's Father and that guy from the Amburame Clan.
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