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Default Lone Factor

Chapter 1: Meet the crew.
"Alright maggots," Said the General. "this is your first day in the 700, The most elitearmy task force in this part of space, now you'll notice how little numbers we have,that is because there are 5 section to this army, in five different parts of this galaxy. We are the Lone Factor the ones who do the dirty work, the combat force, the solar systems last resort. The reason you are here is because you are of the upperclass, durring your tests we analysed your skill strenghts and weaknesses and decided which section you would be asigned to and only the lucky one got to get in and the even luckier one didn't get into this section. Any questions?"
The squad stood silent. "Good now remember, you fail, we die understood?"
"Yes sir!" Answered the squad.
"Dismissed!" Said the general. Everyone left.
"Alright so uhhh we go to the mess hall now?" Asked Private Benjamin Sjogren.
"I guess so." Answerd his friend Captain Dwane Martin.
"Okay then."

They walk to the giant mess hall with... alot of people inside it.
"Wooooooooaaaaah." they both awed at the giant room.
"Soo uhh I guess your my superior." Ben mutterd.
"Yup!" Dwane answerd.
"HEY!" Someone sitting at a table with 17 other people sitting at it yelled. "Come here!" He yelled. The two shrugged and walked over to the table.
"So you the captain huh?" The man asked.
"Yeah Dwane Martin, you are?"
"Your subbordinate Bond, James Bond. Just kidding James Carter." He answerd holding out his hand. Dwnae reachedout to shake James' hand.
"HI I'M RACHEL, RACHEL JONES!" A woman interrupted. "What's your name?" She asked Ben.
"Ben Sjogren, nice to meet you."
"Heheh you're weird."
"I know."

This is just the slow begining part, trust me it'll get better.
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I'm okay with that
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