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Default ninja training

post here training tips and ways to be a better ninja.

if you need help learning a new ninja move ask it here
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Default Re: ninja training

I have a couple of tips, before you begin a battle, make sure to describe your area, the weather, and any other details, like if they're trees or grass. And, when you're dodging an attack, say how you dodge. You gotta be real specific with all your moves (like what I said earlier about dodging). For example, if someone throws multiple attacks at you, don't say, "I dodged something, but got hit by that." Also, make sure you read your opponent's move carefully, you don't want to accidently forget an attack and then have to edit your post, there can be a lot of confusion. Try to use good grammar, no one likes to battle someone who can't end a sentence or spell correctly. Finally, try and be fair with dodging, what I mean by that is don't say you dodged ALL of the attacks, you might be fast, but you can't dodge a barrage of poison needles kunai with paperbombs and shuriken. You can dodge some, but not all of it, except if you use a substitution jutsu, or have a kekki genkai activated that increases your speed.
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