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Default Sly Cooper (Series)

Does anybody here enjoy the Sly Cooper Series

Which Inlcudes

Sly Cooper: and the Theveius Raccoonus

Sly 2: Band of Thevies

Sly 3: Honor Among Thevies

Sly 4: ???

For those who haven't played you don't know what you're missing! You have to complete levels in the game and do AMAZING tasks such as....

Fight a giant robotic evil Owl

Pickpocket Guards

and Study you Opponent!!!

Feel free to discuss glitches, cheats, and secrets of the games!
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Default Re: Sly Cooper (Series)

I have the first 3. Except that my 3rd one broke after I beat the final boss, so I can't play it.

The third one is definately the best: Disguises, side tasks, etc. The 2nd one is kind of bare to me. The first one is awesome, but it's missing the part that's cool. You have to just go to a place, and find a level. Not cooperate and make a level lol.

I know a few glitches. The MOST ANNOYING GLITCH IN THE GAME IS: At the last place in Sly 2, you are at Clockworks balloon thing. So if you fight the battle, die, and save after beating the game after getting 99%, you can never get that 1%. So you can never get the idiotic Mega Jump, which a lot of the glitches require. I'm screwed with the Sly series now.
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