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Default How the Storyline of Revo 3 should be

Ehh here's mine. (Easy Mode, Difficult would be set to 1 or 2 our of 5)

Gaara Rescue Arc

You have a closeup at Gaara's new look as Deidara is shown in front of him.
(View: Deidara's foot...... Gaara.)
You fight as Gaara and win one time using his Giant Sand Burial technique.
Then you have to play as Deidara and win using his 2nd special, that gigantic wierd bomb.
After you beat Gaara, you kidnap him... fly away as Baki and Kankuro looks at the sky and Kankuro says," D***, it's too late!"


Part 1:
Naruto and Jiraya are back into the village but Jiraya really wants to know if Naruto's training really paid off. So you play as Naruto and go against Jiraya, 2 rounds. After beating Jiraya, Sakura comes in and greets him. Then Naruto peeves off Sakura and ends up using her special at him.

Part 2:
Naruto, Jiraya, and Sakura all meet up at the Hokage's office. Lady Tsunade then says how they probably improved and stuff and then summons Kakashi. it's announced that Naruto and Sakura will go against Kakashi. Then Shikamaru and Temari drops by a hello and (storyline based... no need to explain)
Later, you go to the Third Training field and fight against Kakashi, 2 rounds. He has a handicap by the way. You get the option of chosing Sakura or Naruto vs Kakashi.

Part 3:
Sasori and Deidara walks in a dreaded desert area. Then Sasori stops moving. "I thought you made sure noone followed us." Then Deidara gives a confused look and finds out that Kankuro followed. He demanded that they give Gaara back but then Sasori gets in the way and tells Deidara to keep moving while he plays around with Kankuro. You play as Sasori and defeat Kankuro 2 rounds. (Last round, you have to use the poison special to beat him.)

Part 4:
Lady Tsunade has just found out that Gaara has been kidnapped. She then sends Kakashi's Team to the Hidden Sand village to rescue back the Kazekage. Once you arrive, you find out that Kankuro has been poisoned and been beaten by one of the Akatsuki members. Just then, Granny Chiyo, who was trying to nurse Kankuro, sees Kakashi and thinks that it's the White Fang. In reaction, she just started to attack Kakashi. You play as Kakashi vs Granny Chiyo, 2 rounds.
Later, Sakura cures Kankuro... (story-line based again...)

Part 5:
You just recieved word that the Hokage has sented reinforcements to help you with the mission.
Who is it? Why the POWER OF YOUTH! Guy's team is coming to help. So both teams move out to the Akatsuki area where they're talking Gaara hostage as they do their freaky jutsu. Kakashi's team + Granny Chiyo then bump into Itachi Uchiha, the freaky dude who never does anything with his left hand (from 1st person view) right hand from3rd person view. Granny Chiyo and Sakura fall back while Kakashi and Naruto fight Itachi. 2 rounds, and you have to finish Itachi of with a "big one......GIANT RASENGAN!" (2 Man Squad Battle Style BTW) Then you find out it's some other dude not Itachi. How lame... what a waste!

Part 6:
At the same time Naruto and Kakashi were fighting "Itachi", Guy's team bumps into a familiar face, Kisame. Play as Kisame (No handicap, hehe) and go against Neji, TenTen, and Lee. (1 round)

Part 7:
Neji, TenTen, and Lee are trapped in a Water Prison jutsu, unless Guy does something about it. Confront Kisame and free your students using a Asa Kujaku to win against Kisame.
After you beat Kisame, it's another dude we don't know that it turns out to be.

Part 8:
Everyone meets up at the Akatsuki Giant Rock thing. It's agreed that once Kakashi, Guy, Neji, and TenTen pulls the tag away at the same time, Sakura will hit the boulder blocking the way.
Once it was a sucess, Kakashi, Granny Chiyo, and Naruto all go in. But Guy's team doesn't. Why? A replica of themselves appear. Unless they defeated the fakes, they are stuck with a stalker. So then they start attacking. Play as Guy vs Guy, 2 rounds in the Sand Mountain Pass. (1st round, the replica copies you. 2nd round, they start attacking.)

Part 9:
Guy won the battle against the not so perfect fake. He then calls one of the 3 students to report how they're doing.
-If calls Lee, Lee vs Lee 2 rounds, same as Guy will comence in the leafy forest area.
-If calls Neji, Neji vs Neji 2 rounds, same as Guy will commence in the leafy forest area.
-If calls TenTen, TenTen vs TenTen 2 rounds, same as Guy will commence in the feafy forest area.

Part 10:
Inside the cave, a Gaara sleeps while Deidara and Sasori look fierce as ever. Deidara escapes with Gaara and Naruto with Kakashi follows him. Granny Chiyo and Sakura are now left with Sasori with noone around. The Battle commence as Sakura and Granny Chiyo vs Sasori Hiruko. Finish him off using Sakura's gigantic punch special.

Part 11:
What??? That wasn't Sasori's real form? Of course it wasn't! He then reveals his masterpice puppet. Himself! Same battle as last time but use either special from Sakura or Granny Chiyo to finish him off.

Part 12: (Mini Game)
The Wii remote acts as the Mangekyo Sharingan. (Idk how to spell it.) Deidara will be flying. Try to get Deidara's arm by pressing A to stop him from flying in the air. There's a time limit, and once you waste a Mangekyo, you have to recharge it by waiting for chakra to heal itself. Deidara will be high in the sky so to zoom in, press the up directional button.

Part 13:
Looks like Deidara finally stopped flying. Go against him using Naruto, NTF mode, and beat him.

Part 14: (No fighting)
Everyone is on a field as Gaara still sleeps from his eternal slumber. Nothing we can do? Never say never! Granny Chiyo steps in to make a difference by giving up her life for Gaara. Now you got some information about Orochimaru from Sasori. Looks like it doesn't end just yet.

Sasuke Rescue Arc

You're in a quiet area, as someone walks to greet an old man. "Yes?" "I got a mission for you." "What is it?" Then it makes a dramatic appearance. Sai, talking to DANZO! Wow! Before Danzo sends Sai to his mission, he wants to test his strength to see if he's capable. Play as Sai vs Rouge Ninja (10).

Part 1:
Naruto meets up with Kiba, Shino, and Hinata. Kiba thought that Naruto isn't THAT strong. Huh? Wha? Let's find out! Naruto vs Kiba, Shino, and Hinata. 2 Battles. Just don't use NTF transform or you will fail.

Part 2:
Later, you bump into Shikamaru who bumps into Chouji who bumps into a mysterious person. He uses wierd jutsus to make his drawings attack them, when Chouji crushes it. Peeved off, Naruto, Chouji, and Shikamaru go against this mysterious person. (It's Sai of course but yeah... story-line based.) Play as either Sai, Naruto, Shikamaru, or Chouji in a 4 Multiplayer Battle, with Sai as being the enemy.
After the battle, Sai escapes as Naruto tried to stop him. Poof. Too late.

Part 3:
Since Mangekyo got Kakashi in an stable condition left in the hospital, someone has to take his place. Introducing a new character, Captain Yamato. Well, everyone meets at the Sai Stage (I don't know what it's called) and Yamato, Sakura, and Naruto is there. Next thing you know, ink splashes and such appear. Wow, who is it? It's Sai! Outraged from before, Naruto attacks Sai. 2 battles.
After the battle, Yamato and Sakura gets peeved off and stops Naruto and Sai from fighting.

Part 4:
While walking to the Bridge of Heaven and Earth, Naruto still gets peeved off and Sai then peeves him off even more so Yamato steps in to dicipline Naruto. Fight as Yamato, 2 battles.

Part 5:
Everyone is getting ready for the ambush at the bridge, yet they still need to prepare their powered techniques and such. It's a 4 man battle, 2 rounds. Fight as anyone on the team vs everyone else.

Part 6:
The day has come as a caped hooded stranger appears at the bridge. A wooden Sasori starts walking towards him. What a shocking discovery to find that Kabuto was Sasori's spy! Amazing!!!
Then Orochimaru appears by Kabuto's side. Kabuto starts attacking the Sasori and finds out Yamato was in it. He then sends out Naruto, Sai, and Sakrua to attack. Play as either 3 vs Kabuto.

Part 7:
Naruto gets angered by Orochimaru and starts going crazy and attacks Orochimaru. Beat Orochimaru using Naruto's NTF mode special.
Part 8: (No Battle)
Sai walks up to Orochimaru and "sides" with them, marching off to their hideout under Danzo's orders. Yamato, Sakura, and Naruto doesn't know what Sai has in plans nor do they know that he "sided" with him so they started stalking him to the hideout.

Part 9:
Orochimaru, Sai, and Kabuto didn't know that one of Yamato's wooden clones were following them. In response, Kabuto decides to go against it. Play as Yamato vs Kabuto. 1 round. Kagura vs Asuma-like battle from Revo 2.

Part 10:
Yamato, Naruto, and Sakura appear at the hideout, with the dramatic search for Sasuke from the door.... etc etc etc (Story-line based)
Then they find Sai, and Naruto and Sakura gets peeved off and attacks him for ... yeah.. play say either Naruto or Sakura vs Sai.

Part 11:
Now they all look for Sasuke together. Sai was lucky since he was close. BOOOOOM! Everyone gathers at the booming, and look who they find. Sasuke! (story-line based... blah blah blah)
Play as Sasuke vs Yamato, Sai, and Sakura... 1 battle...

Part 12:
Play as either Naruto or Sauke vs other.

Part 13: (No Battle)
Orochimaru comes in and Sasuke escapes with him.
Naruto: SASUKE!!!!!!!

Please comment and see if it's kind of accurate.
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Default Re: How the Storyline of Revo 3 should be

It looks good, I don't think they're going to finish the whole Sasuke arc though, but it would be better if they did.
My reaction to 599

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Default Re: How the Storyline of Revo 3 should be

I love this game it's so much fun to play multi so as long as they don't screw it up with characters or storyline differention it will be fine
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Default Re: How the Storyline of Revo 3 should be

Heres Mine: Prestory part 1: It starts with Gaara and Matsuri training, While Kankuro and Temari pass by they challenge Matsuri and Gaara to a 2-on-2 match, so it's Matsuri and Gaara on a team vs Temari and Kankuro. Part 2: Then Konohamaru ambushes Tsunade and Shizune training, so they fight as a little opener before the actual story.
Story: Then the actual story of the rescue Gaara arc is the same as Ex2 but, includes Chiyo's fights with Kakashi, Naruto, Hiroku, and Sasori, and Kankuro's fight with Hiroku. Also while Temari and her search team are searching for Gaara, Temari and Matsuri are attacked by Rogue Ninja so it's a team battle against them. Then as soon as they get back Jiraiya fights Naruto. Later Tsunade and Shizune fight Sakura while Naruto goes to find more people. Eventually like Ex2 he encounters Shikamaru and others so after they fight Sai, Ino as for a sparring match. Finally it ends with Sai being abducted by Orochimaru and Kabuto plus Sai sees & fights Sasuke for the first time.

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