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Default Re: Sakura and Ino vs. Tenten and Hinata

Originally Posted by Cytrys View Post
How interesting Sakura Ino vs Hinata Tenten

Seeing we have Ino,Sakura, Hinata who are close semi long
Tenten semi-mid-long range
well assuming we are on flat open surfaces is how I am going to do this since this is a team thing... Ino is not that helpful in close combat because we know she is only a little better than youner sakura in fighting hand to hand but she has the Medical ninjutsu on her side along with her bloodtrait which is a one hit immobilizer however leaves her incredibly vulnerable. Sakura has amazing strength, stamina, intellect, and healing abilities. also she gained a great ability to dodge heightened during the battle with sasori. Tenten has a VERY LARGE arsenal of weapons, and Hinata has the hyuuga style that blocks chakra. also she has developed the Protection of 8 trigrams, 64 palms which is highly defensive. Do to Tenten Sakura and Ino are already at a major disadvantage sort of since tenten is long range they cannot get near her for a while. Getting hit by hinata just results in failure. Sakura and Ino's Favor: Best thing is for Sakura to destro the terrain make it uneven and lots of debree to block Tenten's weapons. This will not allow them to hide do to Hinata's Byakugan. So Ino will just have to keep running away and maybe throwing a kunai here and there at Tenten : \ .. Sakura however is faced with taking on Hinata and partially Tenten. As long as she can keep destroy the terain for many places to escape the weapons the battle will go much more smoothley. Best thing would to start with TenTen as the nuisance of the battle. With sakura's insane strength chucking a boulder or two is not very hard but however with hinata it will be. this is where ino comes back into play. As long as Ino can stay out of harms way it is a success. Ino should start by throwing whatever weapons at Hinata forcing Hinata to block long enough for sakura to hurl a boulder or two at Tenten if lucky she will hit tenten and game over for her... but if not she will have to continue to advance onwards towards tenten close enough for her punches toward the ground can can collapse the ground either catching tenten allowing ino for Mind body switch jutsu or simply to force tenten to jump and in up landing in Ino's chakra's hair trap technique and then using the Mind body switch jutsu. From here Ino is highly vulnerable. Though Ino for her own protection can use Tenten's body to protect her own body. While Protecting herself can help Pin Hinata in a single position with the ridiculous amount of weapons Tenten has. This has to be a team effort for sakura and ino to take Hinata down. as long as Ino can keep the weaopons going it will give sakura a chance to hurl a boulder at her. Note* trying to hit hinata would be the worst thing to do since she will block all of your chakra. but seeing getting past Hinata's defense is near impossible with Ino's Time limit. so lets go back a little us Ino's Chakra Hair Technique to capture Tenten and then Sakura comes in for the final hit or two (two on the safe side ) kk now we have tenten out of the way. from here Ino and Sakura can work together to take Hinata from here. At this point it just comes down pinning Hinata again. Best Method is to bombard her with weapons and a couple of boulders. then at the right time use Ino's Chakra Hair Capture technique to Immobilize Hinata and then Sakura finishes Hinata or pin her down to where she has to defend and have ino use the Mind body switch jutsu and have Sakura come and finish her off and then Ino releases the technique. do not worry if hinata was to jump she would land back on the hair and CONGRATULATIONS INO AND SAKURA YOU WIN... Now in Hinata and Tenten's Favor. Main hazards here are at all cost do not let any of sakura's hits land whether it be her fist, feet, or something she throws at you. Do not get captured by Ino's Chakra Hair or Mind Body switch jutsu. Step 1 immedietly go after Ino while dodging sakura's hits. Ino and Sakura must never be close or you will never win do to the healing. Ino is your main target because if she catches you it is game over and it is very east for her to do so. it is highly advised no aerial assualts do to Tenten and Hinata cannot fly . and if you do you will be caught in the Hair or either hit with a boulder or punched in the face : \ ... that aside the best tactic her is to have tenten go straight to her Twin Rising Dragons to keep ino from getting away while simulataneously splitting the shot towards sakura to keep her from saving Ino. If TenTen is lucky she will kill ino ending that but. since Ino cannot run away she is also being bombarded with weapons so she cannot do the Chakra hair trap technique and if she does do the Mind Destruction Ino will be killed in the process by Tenten's weapons. This combo here leaves Ino with no way out...suicide lol . Ino cannot surprise Hinata with any chakra based attacks with that said Ino has been immobilized by Hinata's Gentle fist. at this point it is very bad for Sakura. Boulders do not do anything to hinata do to her protection of 8 trigrams 64 palms. TenTen however will not have much chakra after using such a powerful attack and is dwindled down to throwing weapons Note* handhelds or chained would be bad because now sakura has a weapon that you just had* TenTen also has caused Sakura to gain A lot of new weapons all only effective towards tenten. if either Hinata or tenten are caught in the ground collapsing it is game over. sakura would win. so best bet here is to have tenten summoning weapons none stop at sakura and for hinata to get close enough to hit sakura with her gentle fist ending the battle and then CONGRATULATIONS HINATA AND TENTEN YOU JUST WON... well now we know for the most part how this will go I would have to say ... Sakura and Ino why? well as being Med Ninja's they train together so they obviously know each others strengths and weaknesses. so the likely hood of a good strategy coming from these two is way higher oh yeah they are medical ninja.. medical ninja also tend be a lot smarter than normal ninja are because you have to be. it is harder to save a life than to end one. 75% for Sakura and Ino to win so they win in my opinion
?????????????????????????? you write way tooooooo much!!!!! I will admit that you had alot to say about this and u put alot of time into this. so you deff deserve rep for proving a point. Buuuut your making to many asumptions. just bcuz u say something could happen doesnt mean it will. In how many episodes have we seen sakura chuck bolders at her enemeies? zip thats how many. so whats to say that she will? nothing thats what. just bcuz u say shell do it dusnt mean sakura actually will. U should try to prove your points with logic not assumptions. especially not a page full of assumptions.
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Default Re: Sakura and Ino vs. Tenten and Hinata

Sakura and Ino wins the battle.
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