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Default Ravenwood

I slept peacefully to the sound of Japanese singers, some of them were Russian, but they all sung songs that were either the opening or closing themes so animes I had watched. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, but I loved them anyway I mean I understood a few words here and there but never enough to fully translate the song. I knew that Hikari meant light and that Kokoro meant heart so if I ever heart those two words together I assumed that the song was about courage or love. In truth I listened to so much japanese music and watched so many japanese dub animes that I could probably speak the language fluently, I just wouldn't understand I word I was saying. So unfortunately at least for now I would stick to speaking english.

Everything was going perfectly, I had found the perfect position and slept in it all night without having to turn over or even move one single inch and on top of that I was having the most wonderful dream when suddenly, it was music had stopped and all I could hear was the "Eris, Eris wake up!"

"Go-Away-Sephone" I growl throatily, face buried in my pillow and annoyed beyond all reason.

Persephone was my sister, my twin sister or as she liked to constantly point out, my older twin sister. I called her Sephone for short, I was always kind of embarrassed of the fact that we were both named after goddesses it made me think that people thought we were better than them, but that wasn't true I even insisted upon shortening my name as short as it already was to Eri.

"Dad's home and he's having a fit" She says, still shaking me.

"Sounds hilarious, but alas dear sister I am too tired to care, so bug off" I said pulling the covers over my head with a slight victorious smile across my face.

She sighed as I imagined her placing her hands upon her hips and shaking her head, I wasn't looking at her so I just imagined the action that would best fit my sisters personality and this action definitely fit.

"I swear it could not be anymore clear about which one of us is the younger twin" She said, smugly and judgmentally. "He's freaking out and he wants to see both of us Eris, now" She said straining herself at the end, trying to stress to me how important this is.

"Agh, fine I'm up are you happy now two minute glory?" I growled at I tossed my pillow at my sister's head and stormed out of the room, cranky and very much agitated.

I sat on the living room couch as dad paced back and forth constantly, running his fingers through what little hair he had left. I wished we would just shave it already, balding men with receding hair lines just seemed pretty desperate to keep their hair to me, it was kind of pathetic and embarrassing to me, but dad insisted that it made him look more experienced and as a prosecutor he had to look like he knew what he was I let it slide.

"Dad it's three in the morning and I have school at eight, so if you're planning to make this long, I'd like a pass on the lecture if I fall asleep in class" I say jokingly as I yawn,

"This is not the time for jokes young lady" Mom snaps as if I had insulted him in front of company or something, it hurt my feelings, I was only trying to make him feel better my lightening the mood as I always do, mom knows that so why did she bite my head off. I don't know that I'm hurt, but I'm no longer smiling and I remain quiet so that I can listen to whatever dad has to say.

Dad finally stops pacing, runs his fingers through his hair one last time and sighs "Please don't be upset with her, she was only trying to make me feel better, she couldn't possibly know or understand what's going on" he says calmly, not at all freaking out like he was just a few moments ago.

"You're absolutely right Bade"Says mom calling dad by his middle name, his first name was Erwin but mom never liked calling him that. "Eris, Darling I'm sorry for being so harsh with you, can you ever forgive me?" She says as if she desperately needs me to forgive her, which is odd, I mean sure she hurt my feelings but shes acting as if she'd sold me to another family, but she didn't...did she?

"Its OK mom, its not like you hurt my feelings or anything" I say, lying through my teeth either to seem strong or make her feel better, I wasn't sure which it was I didn't even mean to say it, it just came out like and answer from an automated machine.

"So what exactly is going on dad?" Sehpone asks standing behind me with her hands lightly around my throat, pretending to choke me for throwing the pillow at her earlier. My sister wasn't completely annoying in fact we got along pretty well most of the time, I'd almost be willing to say that we were best friends, but she was my sister and could you really be best friends with your sister?

"Girls I need you yo listen to me very carefully I need you to go upstairs and empty out your book bags, then I need you to pack as many things as you can into them OK? Leave your cell phones and only pack a few clothes" he explains quietly and slowly as if she doesn't want us to miss a single detail in a tone that says -Do exactly as I say-

"Why? Where are we going, and why are we packing so little?" Sephone asks a bit panicky,

"Persephone please! We don't have much time and I need you to do as I asked, now" he says calmly yet in the same kind of way that Sephone has when she's trying to stress the importance of things to me,

It was very unsettling and we both had a lot of questions that we wanted to ask him, but we didn't question him. We didn't know what was going on, but was serious, more serious than we'd ever seen him in our entire lives. However, that didn't stop me from questioning things in my head. What was going on, why were we leaving so early and why were mom and dad acting so strange?

We changed into our street clothes and packed a few clothes into out book bags just as we were told. Mom had us stack our books neatly on our desk and told us to put or bags in the SUV we kept hidden away in the garage, we barely ever used it unless we were going on vacation. Dad drove a black Cadillac and mom a Mercedes, also black, but they were both parked on the street out in front of the house. People always asked why they never parked them in the garage even when it snowed or rained so I wasn't even sure if anyone even knew that we had the SUV.

On my way out I notice something strange, dad is pouring gasoline on all of the outlets in the wall and mom is going into our rooms with a ton of raw meat. I don't know what's going on, but I can't help but wonder. Are they staging and electrical fire? Are they...Faking our deaths?

I'm afraid now, I'm looking to Sephone hoping that this is some kind of elaborate joke, that it wasn't really the middle of June but the first of April, that I lost track of the days and all of the calendars had been switched. But all of my hopes are dashed as I watch Sephone adjust her glasses with shaky hands has if she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

This wasn't a joke, and it wasn't a dream I knew that because I couldn't hear any theme music and I wasn't saving the world right now. I was being lead through the darkness almost literally without a clue as to what was going on. Dad goes upstairs with a box of matches and I lose track of the details from there, I see flashes, I'm in the car, there are flames in the window or our parents bedroom and we're driving away. There's nothing now, I blackout and I don't see anything else.
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