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Ghost is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.Ghost is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.Ghost is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.
Default The Cowboy Samurai


Name: John Smith
Nickname: The Cowboy Samurai
Birthday: December 20th
Race: Superhuman
Affiliation: Himself

Favorite Quote: "Please don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven."

Biography:In the time of chaos a military Captain of the U.S. army returns home after the war (Civil War) to only find his wife and daughter both hanged before being rapped. He finds out that the men who did this where part of a infantry unit of the Confederate army. In sorrow this Captain buries his loved ones and makes a vow on their grave. That the men who did this will pay the ultimate price. No matter the cost. John, being raised in japan, holds a deadly mix martial art skill, unarmed and armed. Over there they gave him the name of the Nameless Shogun. As he prepares for his journey to the west to find and kill the men, John grabs his Colt Single Action Army and places it in its holster. He also uncovers a wooden box that was hidden by him that reveals the sword/katana of his father. As he grabs it, thousands of memories flash back into his mind of all the heads and body parts he had cut with this sword. And all the nameless warriors he killed with a simple slice. He also grabs his winchester rifle as he heads off the door.

Over two months have passed and he killed every and each one of the men of the infantry unit. All of them had different jobs. All of them lived far from each other. John tracked all of them down and sliced their heads off and placed in on top of their bodies for display.

Now he roams the west as a wanted criminal and assasin. Always covering his face and keeping a low profile he robs banks, general stores, and houses. But he never steals from the poor, only from the rich so he can give to the poor.

He is famous for his actions and people give him the name of The Cowboy Samurai.
""You have to trust someone to be betrayed. I never did." - Capt. Price

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