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Default Future Naruto Storm Ideas

I've played every one of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm (NSUNS) games and I love them! They are awesome! However, there are a few things i would like added to make the game perfect.
1. Jutsu Selection
Characters in NSUNSG (Generations) and NSUNS2 have different forms such as Naruto Sage mode and Naruto Rasen Shurikan. Why can't they all be used on one character? Add a little customization with every characters skills.
2. Costume Selection
This could make for a lot of extra work, but I liked playing Naruto against Pain in NSUNS2 in Sage Mode without the coat. It feels more natural and it was just a nice little touch that made me like the game that much more.
3. Mode Switching
Instead of just the Awakening near death, I think characters should be able to unleash different modes in combat. Sage Naruto should not be character, but instead a new "mode" in battle. Maybe call it a "Release"?
4. Character Selection
The character selection screened angered me in NSUNSG. Very confusing and hard to find the character i wanted among the clutter. This is another topic that costumes would fix. 1 Sprite or face for each character and a button to change the costume/jutsus/mode.
I may be asking too much, but this game is one of my favorites and I would love to see it at it's full potential.

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