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Default My Wide Variety of Poetry!

Hello everyone! I'm going to be posting some poems as I write them, varying from light and happy poems to bitter and depressed or angry depending on my mood or what I'm thinking of when I write the poems so just a heads up for people who want just one specific mood throughout all of the poems, this is not for you!

So to start off well, because I think this is one of the best poems I've ever written, this first poem is called This Day Without Pain. I hope you like it, if you do please let me know so that I know that I'm doing something right, and if you don't just let me know what you don't like and what I could improve and I promise I'll listen! I'll probably just post all of the poems on this one post just to be orginized and all so check here for updates and if I tell you there's a new poem up, it will be here!

This Day Without Pain

Fly away angel, and don't look back
This world is haunting
and full of pain
Don't look at me
don't look at what I've become
I can't bear to see the look of disgust
you try to hide
You're so brilliant, angel
so full of light
why do you stay with me?
I'm so strongly your opposite
Yet you stay you care for me
There's no one I'd rather die beside than you, angel
my time of pain is ending
and you've been with me through it all
Fly away please
grow your white angel wings and soar above my misery
leave me to be swallowed up in my own pain
please don't watch me suffer
I love you, Angel
I never told you
but this life is fleeting and mine too rapidly
so in these last moments I say
I've loved you from the first moment
that day in the rain
I'll love you til the last moment
this first day without pain

This second poem is like a total turn around, it goes from being kinda sad to pretty light and happy I guess haha.

Cherry Blossom Tree
Can I lay here with you?
Just you and me
under this cherry blossom tree?
With the evening sun just shining through

Can I hold your hand?
Just your fingers with mine
Or can I play with your hair, just a strand?

Would you lay your head on my chest?
I want you to feel my heart beating
Beating for you and this moment that seems so fleeting
Before I met you that chest was tight, I was so depressed

My dear, would you give me a kiss?
Ever so soft, soft as the gentle summer breeze
Now I'm asking you please
My dear, your lips are pure bliss

Now will you lay here with me, and sleep?
I promise to hold you
Under this cherry blossom tree, until this dark sky turns blue
And then, angel, my heart will be yours to keep

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