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Default Re: Kakashi and Guy Vs. Naruto

Originally Posted by zabuzamomochi79 View Post
naruto going into sage mode
and Gai goes 5th Gate!, that should be more than enough to handle Naruto especially when Naruto has to worry about Kakashi getting behind him

people dont get the fact that Gai speed and force in Gates is on a different level!!! compared to his base abilities!!, By the Way Gai at base is Faster or At Least the Same speed as Kakashi!! who i may add is close to or even a little bit faster than Deva Path who was keeping up with Sage Mode Naruto!!, so what gives some people the idea on this thread that Sage Mode Naruto is going to be the deciding factor!.

5th Gate Gai is Far superior to Sage Mode Naruto in all physical aspects. ANd since Naruto can not use Clones, He is and can not avoid the attacking speed of Gated Gai!

people also believe that Naruto will perform the first Strike which would be a good thing since is Frog Style is totally unblock able. but Again. Since when has Gai every allowed some one to attack first when in Hand to Hand, He is in the Gates, Meaning his mentality is to end it quick!!! Gai will surely get he first Hit, and will continue with forceful combos that will cripple Nauro to the point where Kakashi can finish him with a Chidori. Kamui is not needed.
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