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Default The fifth kazekage?

what i know is that gaaras father is the fourth kazekage.and gaara himself is the fifth kazekage.

now my question is how come gaara is the fifth?we know that gaaras father died around chunin exam.i think he(gaara) at least needed 1 year to become kazekage after the chunin exam.then how come the sand village didnt choose another kazekage as the fifth kazekage.dont you think more than a year time is too much for a replacement?also the way they acted after gaara was taken away by deidara and sasori that a new kazekage should be selected.

so what do you think?
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Default Re: The fifth kazekage?

I agree they waited too long to select a Kazekage. I think it is weird that they selected Garra at the Kazekage. Didn't they put Shukaku inside of Garra to make him their strongest weapon? Putting him in charge of political work seems like a wast of a vessel. Don't you think?
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Default Re: The fifth kazekage?

Don't get how Gaara could earn the respect to become Kazekage so fast.. He was hated longer then Naruto.
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