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Default Manda II...Dragon Sage?

Do you think it's possible that Manda II will also become a Dragon Sage?

I'm not sure how likely it is...but it seems quite possible.

If you look at oriental dragons they're pretty much a combo of the original Manda and II:

More so II.
Manda had the four sort of horns on he back of his head, and MII has small arms much like those in the pictures.

He's basically there already.
In any case we need some more Manda II action! He stopped the whole island turtle just by biting on to it's tail, that's an impressive feat.
That surely puts him on the tailed beast scale.

Not that he'd beat many, bijuudama would utterly destroy him but in terms of physical strength he could surely beat at least Shukaku.

I think he should get DSM but it should just make him transform and gain some kind of energy attack(like that nice fireball up there)
It would be cool to see an outside battle between the Susanoo's and a freaking dragon.
A drop out will beat a genius through hard work!

Nobody can do that through sheer effort alone...this boy is truly a genius!

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