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Series Discussion Got a favorite Anime or Manga you'd like to talk about? Maybe a Light or Visual Novel you think is interesting? Bring it all here!

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Default Ao No Exorcist Discussion.

Last time I put it in the wrong section. Thanks to HiddenNinja45 for telling me.

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Default Re: Ao No Exorcist Discussion.

Animation: 10/10.

The animation was pretty much alright. No complaints in that area.

Battles: 8/10.

Some were rather dull and a little too boring. But the best ones were obviously Rin. vs Amaimon.

Characters: 8/10.

Were pretty much alright and they went hand-in-hand with the story. Although, it always felt that something was missing but the seriousness between Yukio and Rin was gladly appreciated.

Story: Gonna divide this one into two sections:

Before the appearance of their mother: 9/10.

Things were so exciting weeks/months ago, especially the first 12 episodes or so as I just wanted more of this anime.

After the appearance of their mother: 5/10.

The story just got awkward right after her appearance. I guess that's all I'd like to say about that.

Overall: 8/10.

Cool and colorful anime in overall. The OPs & EDs were pretty amazing too. Not really sure if I'm going to continue with the manga ASAP but it's highly unlikely that I would just leave this behind. xD
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