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The Graveyard While you CAN endlessly debate some things, other threads need a place to stay buried. This friends, is that place.

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Default Re: BG Convo 38: Can you hear me now?

If crap like this keeps up, these BG Convos are completely going bye bye. They aren't a necessary part of the Battlegrounds and are only here so that you guys don't have to go into Off-Topic just to chat around. But bear in mind, they are a privilege. And if they get shut down, it's completely the fault of Mega and NL who just won't let there be peace between staff and members and always bark about the conspiracies.

Flaming might be ban worthy, but so is harassment and spamming, and NL, you are a prime example of that. The staff has other things to do here than be goaded by your nagging. Keep it up, and you'll join the list.
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