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Default Make your own ninja

Yo idk if there's already a thread on this or not but whatever, this is always entertaining. Just make up your own ninja. Follow this guideline if you get a brain fart. lol

Hidden Village/ Hometown: Village Hidden in the Darkness (make one up if you want)
Official Rank: Yingkage
Skill level: Kage
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195 lbs
Appearance: Dark cloak, Black hair mid length, white, white eyes with cat like pupils, thin muscular build.
Clan: Unknown
Signature Jutsus: "Pure" Sharingan, space-time battle reversal, Demi, Soul Ripper, Solaris, Eyes of Heaven.
Personality: Rude, impolite, honest, quiet, deeply caring for others while not truly showing it. Calm and often serious.
Background: Comes from an unkown village thats never been heard of until he reveals it to the 5 Kage during the summit. Claims to be the "Yingkage" of his village but has no other shinobi following him. Possesses sharingan even though he's not an Uchiha, and has attained a "Pure" form of sharingan in which the eye color becomes blue rather than its usual red. He also claims his clan are the "guardians" of the world and possess a jutsu to permanently get rid of Tobi.
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Default Re: Make your own ninja

Name: Nyan
Age: 18
Hidden Village/Hometown: Village Hidden in the Moon
Official Rank: Chuunin
Skill Level: Chuunin :P
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 108 lbs
Appearance: Short and lean with shoulder length brown wavy hair (With some light blue streaks here and there), Big brown eyes, tan skin, wears baggy blue shorts and a tight grey tank top (with a little heart on the left side of the chest) with standard issue ninja shoes.
Clan: The Starr Clan!
Signature Jutsus: Rainbow Scatter (A confusion-type power?), Most genjutsu techniques, A "Modified" Sexy Jutsu, and Star Power!
Personality: Kind of quirky, kind of cute, she is nice (or so she seems) but she can easily kill, and will if she gets the chance. Of course, not just random people, more like a Bounty Hunter kind of girl. She has a bit of a mishcievous side. She is funny and smiles a lot, but she hides a severe past. She is a strong woman!
Background: She comes from a vagabond family. She does not know who her parents are. She lost her love in battle......She became a shinobi of the Moon Village through adoption. She has excelled, but does not quite know what her true pupose is. Her next step in life is to travel to the Village Hidden in the Leaves!

I kind of just bull-crapped this, if that's okay. Haha. She is my ninja counterpart! If I were a ninja, this is who I would be! I had fun making all this up though. :P
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Default Re: Make your own ninja

Name: Kebin
Hidden Village: Former-Village Hidden in the Sound. Present(speculation)- Hidden Sand Village
Official Rank: Jonin
Skill level: Sage
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175 lbs
Appearance: Short hair with fauxhawk. Wears black and grey tee shirt, black pants, black sandals, forehead protector stitched to arm sleeve, bandages around right arm.
Clan: Sentoki 戦闘機
Fighting Style: mainly Taijutsu with some ninjutsu
Signature Jutsus: Sound Storm Barrage, Eerie Kick, Kanakirigoe(Screech), Talon Throw, Hidden Sound Reversal, Symphony of Death, Chorus of Heaven.
Personality: Nice, polite, honest, shy, deeply caring for others, serious, fun.
Background: Raised in the village founded by Orochimaru. He participated in the conquest of the Leaf with the Hidden Sand. Might Guy wiped out his entire squad and he barely escaped. Rather than continuing his ninjutsu, he tried from there on to become a taijutsu expert like Guy, who had demonstrated excellent ability. His whereabouts are currently unknown but it's rumored that now he's in the Hidden Sand since the failed invasion buy Orochimaru.
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