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Super Sanin 3 is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.Super Sanin 3 is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.Super Sanin 3 is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.Super Sanin 3 is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.
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Pick your choice, you can have 1 S-Rank, 2 A-Rank, 5 B-Rank, and 8 C-rank jutsu, you already know all the D-Ranks, anybody got the perfect combination?
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i don't understand
what is the perfect combination for the jutsus i can think at
or the perfect combination that exists in narutoverse
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THE SAVIOR is just chillin' in the village doing D-ranks at this point
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s rank:tsukiyomi
a rank:multiple shadow clones;chidori
b rankoison mist;typhoon water vortex technique;water dragon bullet technique;four violet flames battle encampment;sword of kusanagi chidori katana.
c rank:water prison technique;drunken fist;fire release dragon fire technique;fire release flame bullet;fire release phoenix sage fire technique;leaf great whirlind;mind body switch tecnique;summoning technique.
NOW CHECK THIS OUT:using the four flame encampment to trap the enemy i will summon hundreds of shadow clones all with the will be hard to not fall into it in a closed area with a lot of them.
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