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Default Alternate Forms

Possible spoilers for those not caught up with manga?

Now I'm not talking about PTS forms or anything. As I'm still all for them, but I do think some of them are useless. (assuming they give past forms of all the students) Has Shino even changed between the two parts?

Anyways, what I want added to the game are alternate forums of characters. Something like "Kabutomaru" along with Kabuto. They already have a Kid Kakashi so it's not out of the question. Anyways here are some other suggestions I have for what could make some good alternate forms.

Obviously they'll have a Naruto and Sasuke form along with PTS and their original. But it's hard to say what it would be without knowing how far the game will go up to. Even if it ends with their recent clash, I wouldn't mind seeing that Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto and a EMS Sasuke, though I doubt that as they'd save it for Ninja Storm 3.

I think Sasori would go well with two forums, and it's been done in past games like Revolution 3. (Hiruko, Self Puppet Sasori). The way I'd like to see him done is using Third Kazekage, with some "Iron Sand Mode" awakening, then his self Puppet Mode, with the already seen 100 Puppets awakening. This is probably top on my list for what I want in the game because my friend mained Sasori in Revolution, while I mained him in Ninja Storm so it would be cool to see the two clash hahah.

Tobi is definitely another one that should keep his original form, but get an updated Madara form with the Rinnegan. Though that actually goes past the suspected ending point with the clash of Naruto and Sasuke. I guess they can do the same thing they did in ninja storm 2 to include Killer Bee in, because playing as Madara would be pretty cool.

If they're only giving PTS to select characters, Gaara definitely deserves one, PTS focusing more on his abilities with Shukaku.

Already mentioned Kabutomaru, and I actually don't got any more ideas off the top of my head. Shark Mode Kisame would be a better awakening than anything... if they had more room they`d prob just make more forms of popular characters like some Anbu Itachi or something lmao idk. Your ideas
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Default Re: Alternate Forms

i think anbu itachi would be pretty badass. he could use tsukuyomi instead of amaterasu/susano'o
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Default Re: Alternate Forms

Kid Kakashi
Anbu Kakashi
Sasuke with the black cloak against Deidara
Young Nagato
V2 Killerbee
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