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joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.
joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.
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Default BFV Character: Hazuto Mozu

Name:Hazuto Mozu
Rank: Ex-3rd Captain
Afflction: The soul society
Status: Looking for hollows all over the world.

Days of the living: Hazuto was a young race car driver in his days of living. He was very famous for his career. He had recived many trophies and medals for his achivements. One day, he died in a crash during a race, and found himself in the soul society.

Rukon district: Hazuto spent alot of time in the Rukon district. He met many freinds and worked alot on houses. One day, he woke up, and his house was completely torn apart. The locals in the Rukon district said that it was a storm of harsh winds that tore it down. It was not just his house, it was others, too. He was going through changes. It was not long before he realized that he had potential as a Shinigami. He decided to become one, so he could learn to control his power and protect those close to him.

Shinigami days: Hazuto entered the academy and was marked and was noticed throughout the entire shcool for his skills on Kido and controlling spiritual energy. He was, however, bad with Zanjutsu and Hakuda. He began working on it everyday, almost without taking a rest. As he expected, he began to show great results. He began to wield two swords instead of one and showed complete mastery with them both. After graduating from the academy, he was ranked as a 4th seat. He discovered his Shikai and mastered it in no time. He then worked his way up to liutenent. 300 years passed and Hazuto learned his bankai for both swords. He mastered them both in 100 years. He had begun to show great creativity and mastery with both of them. Hazuto soon became very skilled, being able to kill 10 arrancars with ease.

Now: Hazuto wanted to explore the world of living more and go places that he never had before. He resigned as captain and traveled to the world of the living with a gigai. He still spends his life traveling the world, killing hollows and preforming konsos as he sees fit.


Zanpakuto sealed apperance state:

Zanjutsu: Hazuto fights with his swords a bit more different than any Shinigami does. He uses tricks such as hiding his swords in the sleaths of his robe or shirt. He also uses his speed in order to get behind his opponets and cut them down where they stand.

Hakuda: Hazuto is extremely good at Hakuda. He uses a form of Karate, Judo, and Mixed Marshall arts to fight. He switches up between them to try to confuse his opponets. And then, he goes in for the kill.

Shunpo: Hazuto's speed is cabable of allowing him to cut down 10 Arrancars with ease in less than 10 seconds. His flash steps cover vast distances. When using his wind reiatsu to increase his speed, Hazuto can go at seemingly unseenable speeds.

Kido: Hazuto is a kido master. He is able to come up with lots of custom kido and can use high level kido without breaking a sweat. His favorite kido, is Hado 90. He is able to use a modified version of it that is able to increase his, or his sword's abilities.

Hazuto has two Zanpakutos. Stratos and Largo. Stratos is able to filter reiatsu, by turning it into non-reiatsu attacks, which is able to allow Hazuto to use non- reaitsu attacks and defensive cababilities. Stratos can also send waves of non- reiatsu that will erase everything in it's path. Since it's non-reiatsu, it cannot be sensed by other soul reapers or Arrancars. Largo allows Hazuto to have manipulation and creation of carbon fiber. Once his Shikai activates, his swords will turn jet black and dark spiritual energy will surround him. The swords will also grow in size. This has no effect on how Hazuto wields it, however.

Apperance while in Shikai:

Bankai: When Hazuto uses his Bankai, a large cloud of darkness surrounds him and fires upwards in a large beam of spiritual energy. The beam disperses and Hazuto is surrounded in lots of black and white spiritual energy. His swords will fuse together and become one double edged spear with a circle in the intersection of the spear. Both being connected, the fused Zanpakutos are now able to create carbon fiber that makes things heavier if it contains reiatsu and lighter if it does not. It is also able to create sealing signs and barriers that are cabable of sealing reiatsu and turning it into non-reaitsu.

Bankai appearance:

Final bankai: Hazuto impales the ground with his sword, creating a sealing barrier that expands outwards from him, covering two miles. The barrier will erase everything in it's path that has reiatsu. Everything that is inside the barrier, will become extremely heavy. This can also be used as a shunko that will last for 3 turns.

Custom kido:

Hado 120: Twelve gravity blades of punishment.
Twelve swords appear in front of me and scatter across the area. They completely surround the battle field as I take to the air. The swords turn purple and create a barrier that goes underground, and in the air, covering half a mile in both width and height. The barrier turns purple and begins to pull everything within it, towards it, using a strong force of gravity in less than 5 seconds. Anything that comes in contact with the barrier, will have it's particles crushed, rendering it useless.

Hado 123: Raining hell.
It begins to rain corrosive acid all over the battlefield. The acid will even corrode reiatsu and high level kido. It stops after 1 turn. After that, the entire ground wil explode massively, covering nearly a mile.

Hado 128:Sphere of light's phylosiphy.
A sphere of light appears in my hand and I throw it in the air. The color around the sphere begins to be diminished as the light seems to be absorbing it all. If the sphere is destroyed, the color that was lost due to it's effect will replaced with eternal darkness, impossible to see through.

Modified version of Hado 90: Incantation must be chanted.
My sword turns jet black and 12 chains appear on it's hilt. Anything that comes in contact with the blade will be absorbed into the chains and may be used for energy later. The sword also gains slight gravitational properties. Using this on both swords will take a enourmous amount of spiritual energy. The more energy the swords absorb, the stronger the gravity attacks will be. However, the swords' absorbed energy may be used to refill the user's.

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