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Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.
Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.Raiden is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.

Awards Showcase

Cool The Rise and Fall of the Village Hidden Necrology (Naruto Rp/FV flashback)

Well, soon I'm going to reach the point of my Plot where it will trigger my Flash Back, Here are the cast of Characters for my Fan fic, I need your help looking for a pic for a Ninja I have not found one yet.

Cast for Necrology

2nd Necrokage Akuma o Tamotsu
Age at the beginning: 31
Height: 6.5
Tamotsu is the 2nd Necrokage of the village hidden in Necrology, thanks to him, the village rapidly rose to power because of him, his half brother, Shi o iji, and Shiroari Odo. Tamotsu is very powerful shinobi thanks to his mastery of Lightning and Fire jutsu, as well as his mastery of the Akuma gene. The Akuma clan is made famous in the 1st major war between the 4 villages thanks to the 1st Necrokage, who showed the true power of the clan in the doorsteps of (Not sure who should be the 4th village, suggestions are needed). Only 1 in 50 of the Akuma clan have the true gift of the of the Bloodline. Only one person has mastered the use of gift, that man being Tamotsu.


Tamotsu when using the gift

Shi o Iji, head of S.I.A.
Age at the beginning: 30
Height: 6.2
Iji is the half brother of Tamotsu, and his clan, Shi, is a side branch of the Akuma clan, the Shi clan are famous in Necrology for there uncanny abilities, but these abilities are only available to 1 lucky offspring who was number 200. Iji is not only a master of the Shi bloodline, but he's also a master of Ninja Art and Earth jutsu.

Shiroari Odo, Adviser to the Necrokage and Head of the Shioari clan, Raiden's Grandfather.
Age at the beginning: 52
Height: 5.8
The Shiroari clan is a famous clan, both in and outside Necrology, this is because they make up the backbone of Necrology's infantry force, some even join S.I.A. and are sent to do the villages wet works, this is thanks to their hidden ability (not really hidden anymore) of Steel Eating Flying Termites because of this, they also hold much political power in Necrology because of this, always sticking their nose in all of the villages affairs. Odo is viewed as a bit of a creep outside his circle, and not only because of the way he dresses, you see, sometimes He is seen rambling on to himself in public. He was part of the village since the beginning, still remembering the old days. Odo is currently the only person in the clan who can summon the Termite Queen.


Shiroari Hatarakimono, everybody just calls him Mono, annalist for Necrology, Father of Raiden.
Age at introduction: 26
Height: 5.9
Mono used to be a fighter in the 3rd infantry team, but when he married the woman he loved, he asked to be reassigned to the annalist squid. His wife died giving birth, after this, he fell into a deep depression, not talking to anyone, after Raiden became 6, He asked his Father, Odo, to take care of Raiden for him.


Shiroari Raiden, protagonist of this story.
Age at introduction: 16
Height at introduction: 5.9
16 years old

18 and on wards when wearing the S.I.A. uniform

Buruto Ikari, head of village defense, Raiden's half uncle.
Age at Introduction: 23
Height: 6.0
Ikari, is the love child of Shiroari Odo, and him and his mother are part of the Buruto clan, because of this, he has access to both clans abilities, but they are weaker than someone who was full blooded of either clan. He also has access to Earth and Wind style jutsu. Ikari is a very ambiguous person, the only thing he is certain about is his lust for power. Because of his lust, he has done questionable actions outside the village.


Buruto Bryan
Age at Introduction: 16
Height (He does not get taller): 6.1
Being part of the Buruto clan, Bryan has access to there unique ability. The ability being that there body's react to any physical trauma, because of this, the Buruto are the front line fighters of the infantry. True masters of the Buruto bloodline can control this ability. Bryan is bit of a show off, this tends to get him into problems. He is enrolled to Necro High, where he will meet Raiden.

16 years old

22 years old

Akira Larliet
Age at Introduction: 16
Height: 5.0
The Akira clan is known for there undying loyalty to Necrology, although the Akira clan has no blood line ability, they have shown great affiliation to smith work, they were the ones who invented the villages radio system, and are part of a secret project to use a tv monitor to store any information. Larliet was one of the few children chosen to learn the smith work and operating system of this device code named "computer" because of her natural talent of smith work and intelligence. She has also shown great potential as a warrior. Recently, she has shown some unusual powers?

16 years old

22 years old

Benito de Soto
Age at Introduction: 23
Height: 5.10
Benito used to be a rouge ninja and a pirate, but He found him self always doing work for the village hidden in necrology, so one day he decided to become a member of the village, the job they give him was to help trade along sea routes. Every time he would arrive at a port for trade, the guards of the port would think he was still a pirate because of his outfit. After 5 years of that, he found himself wanting to lead a squad of Genin, he already meet the required rank (Jonin), so they give him Squad 6. He is a master of Water and Wind Jutsu, and he holds a canon who his father originally held, the canon is used to charge chakra, it is connected to a tank on his back that is filled with water, the canon fires high pressurized jets of water, strong enough to slice through steel.


Cast for Hidden Cliff

Cliffkage Gia
Age of introduction: Unknown

Gia is a reserved man, but very wise. He is friends with Odo, this is because they both helped each other out during battle where they were surrounded.

Black and White, The Cliff Twins, Jonin heroes of the Cliff village
Age at Introduction: 19
Height: 5.8
When these 2 are not out doing missions for the Cliff village, they are fighting each other. Their ability was crate any item made out of obsidian, most of the time they would just cover there left arm in obsidian and crate a katana made out of obsidian. White had fully mastered the art of fire as Black mastered Lightning. They are very
mischievous, always loving the thought of a world full of carnage and anarchy, or at-least one that's always in war.


There names, from left to right: White, Black.

Cast of Hidden Blood
Chikage:???? (somebody in the Blood village can help me with this)

Shokubutsu, Hero Jonin of the Blood village
Age at introduction: 25
Height: 5.7
The Kira clan were known to kill people in very gruesome ways before the start of the Hidden blood village. They are very calculating people. When Shokubutsu was 6 years old, he was playing hide n seek with his friends in the forest near the gate. When it came time to hide, he ran outside the safety of the guards and hid in a cave. As day turned into night, and yet his friends had not find him, but what did found him was a plant that resided in the cave, the light of the full moon wakes up the plant, it infected Shokubutsu with it's spores, as Shokubutsu started to suffer from the effects of the spores, the plant spoke, saying if he was to survive the infection, he will gain an awesome ability. I
t then flow off, not to soon did a search and rescue team find him. He did survive, and he gain the ability to listen to plants, to control them, and to crate any plant with his blood and soil, all he needed to do was know the properties of said plant, and say it's name. He also mastered Wind and Earth jutsu.


Cast of Hidden Shadow

:??????? (Need help as will from anyone who was part of this village)

Yami Ushinau, Hero of the Shadow Village
Age at introduction: 22
Height: 5.8 (with heels)
The Yami clan are famous for there Dark techniques, but the technique Ushinau bothered to learn was how crate Dark chakra. You see, she is the love child of a unknown rouge ninja, to everybody except her anyways,for you see, when she was 8, her dad kidnapped her, and returned her to the village when she was 16. In that 8 year gap, he taught her the secret of his ability's to make any metal wight to zero, the catch is though, she must be touching the metal object with her body, she can also control any small metal object that's fused with her chakra. With the ability to crate Dark Chakra, she warps any object she has in her hands with Dark Chakra, making it more deadly. On her left arm she wears a huge gauntlet in a form of a zanbato. She also carry's a small canon with her, with the canon, she charges Dark Chakra in it's barrel, and fires a lethal beam of Dark Chakra. She also has a solid hair peace shaped and sharped into a blade that was fused with her chakra, she uses it as a stinger. She also carry's a Katana fused with her chakra. She is also a master of Ninja Art techniques.


I don't have a idea what should be the 4th village, I was thinking Oasis but not sure if I should; if Inner lets me, I will, other then that, if you think I could add another character to any of the 3 villages, let me know in PM or the comment section.

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Staring at the bottom of my glass.
Hoping one day I'll make a dream last.
But dreams come slow and they go so fast.
I still see her with my dreams.
Maybe one day I'll see her when I'm awake,
And hold her hand in mine.
In mine, when I'm asleep.
Oh, how I wish you were mine.
And I will bare my soul,
When she's laying her head on my chest.

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