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Default The Two Wise Warriors

The character archetype of a wise warrior is something that existed since the first human who told stories to his/her fellow human beings. We know that one Naruto character, Kakashi Hatake, is one such example of a wise warrior. But, there are others that came before him, like Optimus Prime of Transformers, for example. I don't want to start any blasphemous rumors, but I think the personalities and color choices of Kakashi and Optimus are very similar.

For example: Both of their outfits/armor are mostly blue. The color blue is considered to be a very popular color in a majority of cultures because it's the color of the sky and the ocean. It is also considered to be more calming color. The darker the blue, the more it symbolizes power, knowledge, integrity, and seriousness. I noticed the blue used for Kakashi's outfit is a navy blue. Sometimes, this kind of blue can be easily mistaken for black for some people. The blue used for Optimus' armor is a more easily recongnizeable metallic dark blue. But, Kakashi also wears a green vest that has a red spiral on the back and his outfit also has red spirals on the shoulders. He even has a back pouch on his left butt cheek , kunai holder on his right leg, open toed shoes, bandages on his legs, a headband slanted to the left to cover his red Sharingan eye, fingerless gloves with metal backs, and his iconic mask which he RARELY takes it off unless he is eating, drinking, or brushing his teeth. There are rumors out there that say Kakashi is very handsome underneath the mask. No matter what, he's human after all. As for Optimus, he's a giant robot that takes a guise of a truck. His armor is also red and he's mostly a sliver color because stainless steel, if polished properly, shines a silver color. Also, the color silver is a common color for metals. He's mostly depicted with a mask covering his face except for his optics, which are blue in color. The blue color of his optics show that his heritage sides with the Autobots, the heroic clan of machines sworn to protect life in all forms from their blood rivals, the Decepticons. Optimus, himself, is the leader of the Autobots. In the two most recent continuities of the Transformers, he's sometimes depicted without having a mask on and is said to have charming looks and rumored to be one heck of a kisser.

Both of these warriors take have a long fuse, it takes A LOT to get them extremely angry. And if they go off, you better be on their good sides or you'll have your sorry buttocks kicked to the next century! Most of the time, they are nice guys, helping out those who are in need. But, Kakashi has a perverted side to him. He reads a series of books called Make Out Series; these books are best suited for adults only! Optimus is more "pure" and would not stoop down to perversion because of his integrity. Also, this kind of stuff might harm humans and he doesn't want to take advantage of a fellow sentient.

Kakashi's arsenal consists of his supply of kuani, shuriken, rope, and other ninja tools and weapons. He also has a wide range of jutsu he can use thanks to his Sharingan eye. He can also use his own jutsu and summon dogs to attack his enemies, track down a lost comrade, and assist his allies. His most devastating attacks are mostly lighting-based and if the opponent is wet from water, it can be more of a killer. But, if he uses his Kamui technique too often, he'd be exhausted out of the battle and in extreme cases he could die from it.

Optimus is armed with two guns to attack his Decepticon foes from long distances. He is also armed with two swords that can turn into hooks that tear into enemy armor. His high status among his comrades allows him to command them to defend a base or attack a colossal monster. Even Optimus has his weaknesses; if he is severely damaged by any enemy weapon or takes too much damage, he begins to break down and could die in extreme cases.

I've seen them mentor their close comrades. Kakashi is/was the sensei of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Only Sasuke defected from him and became a villain in the second part of the Naruto saga. Overall, I think Kakashi is an excellent mentor to his students. Optimus has mentored many of his close comrades and despite a few shenanigans, his comrades never abandoned him or left him for dead. Instead, some of them laid down their lives to protect their beloved leader. I'm saying that Kakashi is a great mentor, but Optimus had more experience due to his life that is longer than any known organism.

Overall, These two wise warriors had a lot of experience from fighting and surviving a lot of battles. What ever it's protecting a village from rival superpowers who's leaders are consumed with the desire for war, or protecting a fellow sentient organism from the rival faction's actions of their same species. They don't go around looking for fights; they live peacefully when and where there is peace. If war breaks out, they will be ready to lay down their lives to protect those who can't fend for themselves.

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I love Kakashi Hatake!
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