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Default A well thought out "Tobi" Thread

As we ALL know Tobi likes to plan ahead for stuff, He's not to be messed with and you might be thinking? What IS Tobi's Origin and Past? Heres what i think.

Pre Hashirama Battle

It could be that dying was all part of Madara's plan, He knew Hashirama would probably beat him and decided to make a Perfect clone, The main reason Madara wanted to Fight Hashirama was to get Senju DNA, Which was needed to make the Clone perfect. He gave some of his DNA to the clone and decided to make a Replica of him, This clone is called "Tobi" And was made of White Zetsu's liquid, This could explain him being able to regrow parts of his body.

Post Hashirama Battle

So once Madara died Tobi took his body and the Senju DNA He got from his death battle, He implanted Madara's eyes and Senju DNA inside him, And decided to move on with his plan, Tobi knew sometime in the future he would need to complete his plan. So he planned it all out starting with Tobirama's death,

Tobirama's Death

Tobi decided to hire the strongest Ninja in the Cloud Village to kill Tobirama, The Gold And Silver Bros. He offered them extreme strength in order to go further with his plan, Tobi learned that the Leaf and Cloud were making a pact that night and decided he could not let this happen, He made it seem like the Raikage killed him and they decided not to have a truce.

Nagato Plan

Tobi knew he needed Madara to be brought back and he could not use the Rinnegan due to being a "Shell" of his former self. He studied all about Uchiha Senju and the Uzumaki. So he was the one who planned to Kill Nagato's parent's. The Ninja that invaded Nagato's house during that night were Zetsu in disguise, Leaving Nagato full with pain, Tobi decided that because he was a Uzumaki he could use the Rinnegan, The ninja that Konan said to Jiraiya were attacking Yahiko and Nagato were both Zetsu again, During that time Konan took to get to there master's house Tobi made his move, He gave Nagato his eyes and moved from there.

Yahiko Plan

So once the three Orphan's were grown up Tobi made his move again, He tried to learn as much of Yahiko as he could, Tobi watched Yahiko his entire life and once he was a Adult he made his move, He talked to Danzo to Kill Yahiko that one day. Danzo at first disapproved however Tobi gave him Senju DNA, He then agreed and Danzo went to Hanzo. During one day Tobi went to Yahiko placing him inside a endless Genjutsu, Which then he would make Akatsuki, He knew that because of Yahiko's Goal to become a God would fit perfectly.

Land of Eddie's Destruction

Tobi knew of the 9-Tails new Jinchuriki Kushina Uzumaki, And at the time she was at here old Village, So he needed her to go to the Hidden Leaf Village and destroyed her home.

Night of the Hidden Mist

Because Tobi already controlled Yagura at the time this one was a easy one for him, Tobi posing as Yagura the Mizukage told the whole Village that they would need to kill eachother in combat in order to become Genin. Once all this he went to Danzo again, He asked for him to lend him Shisui, Danzo wondered why he needed him and said no, However Tobi offered him Enough Sharingan to put on his arm to have a exchange. Danzo agreed and then went to Orochimaru, Tobi placed Shisui under a Genjutsu in order for one of Tobi's failed plan's. To obtain a Byakugan, This is when Shisui fought Ao, This was Tobi's plan to try to get all three Dojutsu, However Ao escaped Shisui and Tobi needed to do something.

Uchiha Massacre

Tobi needed to do something about his plan's and did made the Best plan he ever made. Tobi went to Danzo saying that this was the last time he needed him, Tobi said because he was getting old he needed a new body, He said if Danzo let him have have Shisui's Body he would give Danzo a ultimate jutsu, Izanagi. Danzo agreed and then shortly after Danzo took Shisui's eye Tobi went in to kill Shisui, Tobi then had a new body and went to Itachi, Because of Danzo planning to kill the Uchiha Tobi went to Itachi saying that he would help him and taught him everything he knew, Including Izanami.

Thus Tobi is Madara's Spirit inside Shisui's body.

Notice how Tobi and Shisuis hair are both short?
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Default Re: A well thought out "Tobi" Thread

Thats a good well thought theory. Ive read somethign similar to this but not as detailed. It makes sense (: ! I must say though, the colour change in writing played on my eyes a bit hahah ... im not the type to work against someones theory or get angry over "oh thats wrong" "that couldnbt happen cause bla bla bla" so i cant criticise you on that one :// and i dont have many theories on Tobi so its intersting to hear peoples thoughts, wether ive heard them or not, they are definitley all DIFFERENT ! good job kid
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Default Re: A well thought out "Tobi" Thread

Most of the OP's theory fits my own, just a little different on non-important stuff.

Just don't forget that Madara got the rinn's shorty before his death, which was after nagato was a baby, Since Madara referred to Nagato as a brat.
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