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Default Re: Jiraiya Vs A

Originally Posted by Shikamaru Nara View Post
Base Jiraiya > Ao
SM Jiraiya > Ao
A > SM Jiraiya

Frog song is the only threat.
I loathe when people act like this, having this attitude is one thing but when you are incorrect it's something else entirely. Did you not consider any of Jiraiya's attacks in his arsenal, I'm curious why his Frog Song is the only thing Jiraiya can do and why A is oh-so superior. I find attacks like his Goemon, Hair Needles Senbon, Super Giant Rasengan, to be highly effective and it's the reason Jiraiya ,to be frank stomps. His speed is not lacking and is easily on A's level.
Originally Posted by Kuromaki View Post
The sucking motion the swamp makes would probably stop. Either that or A can just pull himself free.

Admittedly I had not thought of the swamp conducting the electricity, I guess that could happen, but once again, it's an earth nature swamp. And the lightning from A could negate the lightning from the swamp. Sasuke canceled out Darui';s lightning when Darui used a lightning charged Water Wall on him.

Also, would A really just stay there to let Jiraiya pull off dark swamp. Dark swamp activates fast but A is a speedster.
There is nothing to get a grip on to pull out of the swamp, and regardless of his armor being Raiton nature it doesn't mean it instantly renders the swamp ineffective. If that were the case a rock wall jutsu would render Kisame's entire water dome useless.

The swamp is instantaneous, it doesn't matter how fast you are if the very ground you're standing on is transformed into the swamp.
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