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Default Re: Are people forgetting

Originally Posted by SageKyuubi View Post
Yea your right i guess that ends my idea lol
I guess it does

Originally Posted by JazzJunkie4 View Post
There are so many reasons tobi=madara it's ridiculous. Yet you will still get people who find theories that, at this point, could technically work but are lame, it would just make the set up that tobi=madara pointless. I feel this thread, like many others, just don't do a lot for the people who don't realize the set up. Untill everything is revealed about madara including his shoe size, I think these threads are in vain. In my opinion, I cannot recall one theory about madara that tries to explain how he is alive, why he has normal looking sharingan, etc. that would not dissapoint me if proven true. In my opinion, we just have to wait until more is revealed about him in order to eliminate these madara theories.
But you have to aminte ViVi's Kagami one and D330's Madara = Him = Him = Him are badass. And I really though you were going to say the sentence after "Yet you still find reason why Tobi is Madara"

I don't think people will get it, like you said, untill kishi plain out says "madara is tobi". Though, Madara is fairly odd at time. I have a thread that says why he is alive, and it's in this one. But even so, up until the Massacre I have no clue. With his sharingan, maybe he doesn't want to use his MS and EMS?

Originally Posted by deidara330 View Post
What do you mean by the yes? About Kagami dying? My theory is based on the necessity of Kagami dying in order for Madara to be both himself and other people at the same time.

It's possible that Madara, being a Genjutsu master, placed Itachi under a Genjutsu so real he truly believed he'd killed Shisui. However, it could also have happened that Itachi fought Shisui/Madara, and believed he'd killed Shisui, and did obtain the Mangekyo this way, but shortly afterwards realized there was something strange about Shisui, and came to recognize Madara's existance. In the latter scenario, Madara still stages his own death in a way, but without Itachi's initial knowledge of it.
The yes part was directed at "Reading the full theory would've helped."

I have a issue with that, how would he do that and why didn't the village and the clan see him getting in? With that, Shisui is confirmed dead unless I am mistaken, also it seemed that Itachi new about Madara long before that. I say that because why would you have a guy help you that you just meet a few weeks (or months) ago to kill you clan.
Tobi and his 'senpai' moments

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