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Default Re: 4 Tailed Naruto vs. Sasuke

Originally Posted by Akatsuki X View Post
My only deal is.
Would Sasono'o arrows actually be able to pierce KN4.

Kusnagi couldn't even damage it, and with hype, it is harder than diamond.
Has Sason'o arrows shown that great of piercing feats?
I heard from someone, that said that the Arrows were Transonic speed. Though they don't have proof of this ever happening. Not only that, but I doubt the arrows can pierce KN4 Naruto. When KN4 was battling Orochimaru, Orochimaru used his sword to pierce KN4. Unfortunately for Orochimaru, the sword didn't even made a scratch on KN4's skin. The Amaterasu is another story. Somehow, people believe that the "black flames of hell" are as hot as the sun, even though it was proven that it was a hyperbole. Secondly, it takes awfully long for it to kill someone. When the Amaterasu his Karin, she didn't die, but only passed out. She didn't even have any serious injuries on her body, and since KN4 is basically a large ball of chakra and fire, I doubt the Amaterasu will do anything. The Tsukuyomi might be a problem. The Kyuubi fox knows what kind of powers the Uchiha Clan has. He knows this because he was manipulated by Madara Uchiha, and therefore, this causes him to have a violent hatred for the Uchiha Clan. Kyuubi might know if he looks Sasuke in the eye, then he might be having some trouble. Though I don't know if the Tsukuyomi will actually work on a demon. It was never done before, and the Kyuubi fox literally has no mind.
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Default Re: 4 Tailed Naruto vs. Sasuke

Ammy and Susano would handle
the 4 tail. Sasuke is pretty swift,
even more so then Orochimaru.
The 4 tail would have a hard time
catching up.
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