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Default 8 crazy nights review

heres my review of adam sandlers 8 crazy nights

now before i get started, i dont like adam sandler, i'm sorry i just dont

it follows a crazy drunken jew named davey stone, on the first night of chanukah he wrecks the whole city, and is sentenced to community service coaching youth league basketball with his old coach, whittey duval. his trailer is burned down and he is forced to live with whittey and his sister eleanor. the two seem to make him a better person for a day or two until whittey brings up daveys past and how his parents were killed. afterwards davey, in a drunken rage, breaks into a mall, that is obviously closed, to yell at a woman, who is obviously not there. through the magic of erm...magical store logos that come to life and sing...wierd, he comes to realize that he shouldnt be doing any of this. two police officers attempt to arrest davey, he then escapes and tries to catch a bus to new york, in which he is deverted. he goes to the all star banquet where whittey is, to appologize, he sees that whittey lost the 38th annual all star patch, and has left. he goes into the room to tell everyone that whittey should have won the patch, in which they laugh their asses off at the thought. his childhood friend, jennifer, tells everyone to give him a chance, in which he convinces everybody. later on at the mall everyone gathers (because they all know thats where whittey spends all his time) to give him all of the all star patches. whittey finishes the movie with this, "stone, if me and my imaginary wife have a son, i hope you can think of him as a brother"
davey: "thanks whittey, and i'll pretend i never heard you say that"
whittey: "'preciate it"
10/10 for the way they actually pull it off

davey stone: a 33 year old drunk, his parents died in a car crash and since then, he wasnt the same. after destroying the town of dukesberry he was sentenced to 8 days of community service, and if he doesnt clean up his act by the end of chanukah he will be sentenced to no less than ten years in prison.
9/10, he's a really fun character, just the way he acts...oh and he carries around nunchucks, bonus.

whittey duval: a midget who has a wierd voice, he's generaly a nice guy who is subjected to everyone in the towns hatefullness, as stated by davey, "he unlike us actually cares about someone other than himself!"
he has been trying to win the all-star patch for thirty eight years
8/10 he's a really good character, but his voice really pisses me off sometimes

eleanor duval: whitteys twin sister, she's basicaly like him except she hasnt left the house in 40 years because some kids stole her liz tailor wig. she is a psycho and despite being very obese she seems relatively strong, like you see her jumpkick a dude in the face, and break a board with her forehead. she, along with davey and whittey, are all voiced by adam sandler...damn.
6/10 i like her, but her voice just lowers her points so much, i feel like stabbing myself everytime i hear it

jeniffer: davey's childhood girlfriend. she moved back to dukesberry after her husband left her for some girl he met on a computer dating site (i bet its gonna be a dude). she despises after these years. and it doesnt help him much that he's teaching her son to be just like him.
7/10 she's pretty good, however i do wish for more scenes with her in them

benjamin: jeniffers son, he's pretty boring, he's the only character who doesnt get a song of his own either, however i liked his line
3/10 he's boring.

this is an animated musical, so i'm going to rate each song
daveys song-10/10 this is the song i always find myself singing to without noticing til halfway through
patch song-5/10...its not bad, but its not good, plus its also only like 1 minute long.
long ago-7/10 i'm not a big fan of sappy songs but its pretty good
technical foul-9/10 this is one of teh songs everone remembers, its really frickin good
intervention song-6/10 its kinda annoying with every character going, "let it out, davey" it sounds like their telling him to come out of the closset about being gay.
bum biddy-10/10 i just love this song
chanukah song part 3-10/10 again...i love this song

animation-8/10 the animations not bad

overall-9 to 10 out of ten
check it out you will not be disapointed
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