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Maikeru Uchiha
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Default Naruto's New Nine Tailed Seal

I was reading the manga when naruto had defeated the nine tails and met his mother, now he has a new EPIC seal and can use the cloak and the tailed forms without flippin' out. Who do you think will win? Sasuke's EMS or Kyuubi seal naruto? MAN I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MANGA TO COME OUT IN 2 DAYS!!!! They will probably get back to Madara and Kabuto making a deal to bring back itachi, pain, deidara, and Kakuzu.... I hope they bring Itachi back to straighten up sasuke. But Itachi betraying the akatsuki might make it a problem....
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Default Re: Naruto's New Nine Tailed Seal

i love the seal but my only concern is that it shows when he uses the foxes power. tht makes me thin if a seal specailist would sumhow catch him (tht wnt be easy by the way) they could undo it since it's out in the open, but maybe thts just there for design only?
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Default Re: Naruto's New Nine Tailed Seal

i honestly think that the new seal is epic. strong resembleinse in sage of six paths+new incredible powers=awsomness.
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Cool Re: Naruto's New Nine Tailed Seal

WHen I saw that seal i simply thought....... PWNAGE>
as shown when Naruto stamps Kisame in mid-air.
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naruto nine tailed seal

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