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Default Re: Itachi vs. Team Guy

Originally Posted by Reikai Hezamu View Post
Team Guy had difficulty with Kisame when Kisame was only using 30% of his power. And Kisame admitted that Itachi was more powerful than him so I'm sure Itachi can win this.

Neji and Tenten can't do crap to Itachi. Amateratsu takes care of those two. Neji's Rotation won't save him from Amateratsu. He must continue to spin for Rotation to stay in effect. And this takes up Neji's Chakra. He'll eventually run out. And since Amateratsu is inextinguishable, it'll burn Neji to death once Rotation is over.

Lee and Guy are the only ones in Team Guy who can actually do something to Itachi. I'm not sure if Genjutsu will work against Lee and Guy since they have each other to escape from it. Unless Itachi can use Tsukuyomi on both of them at the same time and then use Amateratsu to end it. Otherwise, Lee and Guy can pretty much only hurt Itachi when they're using the Gates. And that takes time activate. They won't have that sort of time while against Itachi.

Either way, Itachi should win this fight.
perfectly said...
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Default Re: Itachi vs. Team Guy

Itachi would tear them appart in one blink of an eye ....
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