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Cool Re: another filler ??!?!

Originally Posted by MoonStarNinja4 View Post
I actually like the fillers; you see more of characters that you don't get to see.

For example if it wasn't for the Three-Tail arc, we wouldn't have seen Hinata, Kiba, and Shino until the Hunt for Sasuke arc. And we would have never even seen Rock Lee, Tenten, and Ino until I don't know when after that.

Same thing with the Sora arc, we get to see more of the characters.

And besides, don't you guys like watching something when you don't know what's going to happen?
prfctly said.
I think fillers arent that bad but they are really predictable.
Ican already see in this 6tailed arc that Naruto and Utakata are gonna fight since Naruto always fights jinchuuriki's.
Naruto VS Gaara.
Naruto VS Sora.

but anyway fillers sometimes elaborate on a characters techniques like Hinata and Anko.
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Default Re: another filler ??!?!

Originally Posted by ryan5278 View Post
is naruto vs pein right after this filler
few boring episodes regarding pain, naruto training and then the fight
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