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Default Re: A REAL Goku vs. Superman Thread

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
You guys are trying to scientifically prove who wins Goku vs stupid is that come on? Neither DBZ nor Superman Comics/tv shows follow Science or Physics. You can't prove either of them wins. You can say it seems likely, but you cannot prove it either way. Its completely science fiction. It'd be like saying Who wins God or The One Above All??? Well both are fictional beings and people can claim they are as powerful as anything else.
Well, they are fighting in this thread.

If you have a problem with it, then quietly step out of the Battlegrounds and cry. Preferably in a silent manner.

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
Btw if you are trying to be all scientific and accurate about this, start with Copyright. Legality is pretty technical and can help to straighten things out.
Why are we talking about copyright?

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
Anime is canon because of copyright laws. Go read up on that.
Copyright laws have no bearing here (Except when it comes to Viz images and, unfortunately, manga scans/anime videos used for evidence).

Anime of DB is not canon because there is a parallel, ORIGINAL source that contradicts it. Other animes (Such as TTGL) can be more canon than the manga. What matters is the original source, or the one the creator states is canon.

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
I'm trying to think of an example where this would actually come to play, but I've read law book about it and un court, if you were in a lawsuit you CANNOT say something DBZ anime isn't canon. It would be credited the EXACT SAME as manga due to copyrights. Both would hold equal weight. I think an example was that some guy who had created a manga series was suing another guy who created a manga, which was then made into a anime (which had a good amount of filler). The courts used material from both the manga and anime to realize that in fact the second party had stolen many ideas. Filler was used to judge as well, so it held equal value.
"I think some guy named something said something about some court case somewhere where someone said something."

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
So I'm sorry to all you Otaku's who think wanking manga makes you somehow cool and superior (I guess you think wanking manga means you are closer to the original product or something? I don't get that, but I won't judge), but anime holds just as much scientific value. Again this is based on legal rules.
Manga holds just as much entertainment value. However, it is not canon. If you want us to accept the anime AND the manga as canon, we'd have enormous problems. Just look at Full Metal Alchemist. Therefore, original source is canon unless stated otherwise. There are exceptions (The new Bleach zanpactou arc designs are canon, while the story is not, and the new One Piece Strong World main villain is canon, while the movie is not), but none of those are in Dragonball.

Originally Posted by yokokurama View Post
Now if you don't want to follow legal rules, then go ahead and pretend you are being technical and scientific, but you really aren't. You're hypocrits in that case because if you really wanted to be scientific you would understand you would have to base info off legal copyrights as well.
The legal system is often corrupt and stupid, just as it is often just and honest.

Science does not follow the legal system. The legal system promotes debate where the side that wins is the one that gets the opinion of the general audience. In the legal system, OJ Simpson avoided punishment.

Oh, and I haven't even got into the cases of the legal system contradicting itself.

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Default Re: A REAL Goku vs. Superman Thread

i still agree with a couple of shinvegitos points surprisingly. a lot he overboosted tho. this thread should die tho so i will say no more. yoko.w/etf u should make a thread with ur concerns if u care that much, not just pop up in a random thread with that kind of thing
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goku vs superman

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