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Default Re: Enel vs Bleachverse

Originally Posted by Sasori View Post
Does lightning Age?

If it does than Barragan Hax win this for bleach.
Barragan could age kido. That said, I have no idea about energy; he wasn't able to age light.

Originally Posted by Fan of Minato View Post
Enel can't win against the whole Bleach verse. He can't blitz Byakuya, Ichigo (bankai) etc.
True, but it's not like those guys can do anything to him.

And couldn't Harribel submerge him in water?[/QUOTE]

Couldn't he fry her before she ever did?

Originally Posted by rocklee_112713 View Post
I'd say that as long as Barragan hax doesn't cause trouble for Enel, he should take this with moderate difficulty.
Unfortunately, we have no idea of knowing if Barragan can age lightning.

One thing to also keep in mind is Aizen. If his shikai works on Logias, Enel's pretty much a goner (And no, Mantra will not help him. Mantra is pre-cog through hearing the enemy's muscle movements, not something to break out of hypnosis. However, I don't believe Aizen will be able to hypnotize Enel. Why? Because hypnosis manipulates the senses, which are controlled by a human nervous system. Enel... Doesn't have a human nervous system. His nervous system doesn't even feel pain from most things in lightning form, and is probably made of lightning as well.

So Enel won't be able to be hypnotized by Aizen.
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