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joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.
joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.joon is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.
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Default Bleach Character: Sora Ochiru

Name: Sora Ochiru
Race: Shinigami (Soul reaper)
Birthday: July 25
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 182 cm (6’0”)
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs.)
Blood type: A
Personality: Sora is kind and outgoing. He hates to stay in one place; he likes to be free. When he was young, his parents used to tell him that there was no place he could not reach. He could go where ever he wanted, which made him want to be like the birds. As Sora grew up, he slowly gained a desire fly in the air. He wanted to be free. He thought that on the ground, he was stuck in a low ceiling building; like a bird in a cage.

When everything is quiet, Sora becomes calm. He likes to listen to the birds sing while lying on the ground. When Sora is angry, he tries to find a place to cool down so he won’t take it out on anyone. Sora believes that anytime someone is uncomfortable, they are in a cage with no way out. Sora likes to compare a bird in a cage to anything misfortunate that may happen to someone, and he likes to compare birds flying south for the winter to a departure of friends.

When Sora is fighting, he likes to make small jokes, especially when fighting someone he knows. When fighting strangers, he asks them questions like why they’re fighting or what are they fighting for. But Sora always fights with honor above all else. Sora only decides to kill someone when they show great power and intend to use it for evil. He sees this as “Sealing the evil in the cage.” But if he knows that they are using their power for a good cause, he simply injures his opponent to the point where as that they can’t fight anymore. Sora’s style of fighting is dodging his opponent’s attacks while showing a great display of agility. He attacks when he has analyzed his opponent enough and has found a weak spot. Sora becomes very timid when fighting females and he tries to calm them down to the point where as that they stop fighting completely. If they don’t stop, he keeps blocking their attacks until they run out of energy.

Sora is a high school student that is ranked 20th in his year and is very intelligent. He never neglects his school work. He believes that the more knowledge he knows, the better the chances of getting through his life with as little mistakes as possible. Sora is also the star player on his soccer team. When Sora is with his friends, he tends to smile a lot. He enjoys being with the people that he trusts the most. He hates it when people make promises. He believes that there is no need for them. If you’re going to do something, then do it, but if not, then that’s reality. Things happen, and Sora learns that he cannot dwell on the past for too long. Taking this into account, Sora adapts very quickly. He comforts his friends when they are sad. Sora wants to protect his friends until he is finally trapped in a cage; until death.

History: Sora was born on July 25 as the son of Shino Miraki and Lisa Miraki. Sora had a big brother, who was born 5 years before he was. Sora looked up to him. His name was Makuto and he was secretly a soul reaper. When Sora turned 14, he started to see ghosts and hollows. Sora began telling everyone what he saw and people thought he was crazy. Because of this, Sora didn’t have any friends. When he was enrolled in a new school after he turned 16, he decided that it was best that he kept his ability to see hollows and ghosts, a secret.

One day, Sora’s brother was on the verge of death while fighting a hollow in the world of the living. He gave all of his powers to Sora before passing away. Sora, filled with rage and power, destroyed the hollow. Sora, not knowing how to use his powers after that, got beat up by a lot of local bullies. Makuto, Sora’s brother, was a soul reaper and he protected Sora whenever he was in trouble. This gave Sora a desire to protect those close to him like his brother did. But with his brother gone, he had no one to protect himself. Sora’s father began to teach him how to fight so Sora could hold his own against the bullies. Sora’s father then recommended that he go see Kisuke Urahara to become an even greater fighter. Kisuke taught Sora everything about his powers, and his duty to protect his town. After that, Sora began to protect the town from hollows.

One day, one of Sora’s friends was kidnapped by an arrancar. Sora tried to save his friend, but the Arrancar was too strong. Kisuke showed up to fight it, and the Arrancar fled to Hueco Mundo. After that, Sora told Kisuke that he wanted to be trained even more. But Kisuke said that there was nothing more that he could teach him. Sora learned about the dangai world and Kisuke helped Sora make a technology to withstand the sped up time in the dangai so Sora could train there, fitting into the cleaner’s schedule of course. It was there that Sora learned his Shikai and Bankai. Sora then traveled to Hueco Mundo and successfully defeated the hollow. The hollow was not completely destroyed, it possessed Sora.

When Sora went back to the world of the living, the hollow took over and began destroying the world of the living, killing Sora’s parents in the progress. Kisuke restrained Sora and made Sora revert back to his normal form. Kisuke then told Sora what he had done to the world of the living and that soul reapers were coming to kill him for what he’d done. Sora asked Kisuke to help him control his hollow mask. Kisuke told Sora that he did not know how to do that. He then recommended someone who did. Sora went to the Vizards for help, what was left of them anyway, and they trained Sora to use his Hollow mask. Sora prepared himself for the soul reaper’s arrival and mastered his hollowfication. Now, Sora roams the earth, waiting for the Soul reapers to arrive while killing the local hollows.

Professional status
Affiliation: School
Base of operations: The world of the living. Japan.

Personal status
Relatives: Shino Miraki (Deceased Father), Lisa Miraki (Deceased Mother), Makuto (Deceased brother).
Education: Watashi Junior high school

Shikai: Zephyr
Bankai: Typhoon Zephyr

Reiatsu color: Gold
Reaitsu effect: The name of Sora’s reaitsu is called Lion heart. This increases all of Sora’s abilities.
Special abilities: Training in the dangai, Sora gained a slight control over time and space and is able to use it to use a form that is similar to telekinesis.

Zanpakuto abilities:

Shikai: Zephyr gives Sora manipulation over Wind and Sound. With this, Sora can use it to make devastating physical attacks. Close-combat is Sora’s strong point, being a master in Hakuda, Zanjutsu, and Shunpo. Sora’s Kido is standard. Sora can also combine this with his reiatsu to become faster than Soul reapers from squad zero. When using both his reiatsu and his wind together, he can create golden winds, which move twice the speed of normal winds and are much stronger. Simply put, the reiatsu would give the wind attacks a giant power boost as if it were a bankai.

Sound teleport
Vibrator stance
Sound ripper
South Kaze
North Kaze
West Kaze
East Kaze
Central Kaze

Apperance in shikai when he combines his wind with his golden reiatsu:

Bankai: Typhoon Zephyr boosts Sora’s wind and sound attacks even more. Sora loses his sword and gains dual submachine guns. Sora’s appearance also changes greatly. His entire appearance makes him look like another person. This is actually the appearance of his Zanpakuto, Zephyr. Anything Sora shoots out of his guns will go twice the speed of a bullet. If Sora uses his reiatsu, it can go up to four times the speed of a bullet. Sora’s guns also have a second trigger on them that if pressed, they will create a vacuum that sucks up reishi. The farther away the reishi is, the longer it takes to suck up; the closer the reishi, the lesser amount of time it takes to absorb it. With the reishi, Sora can use it to produce sound waves that can possibly cover a mile.

Cold Kaze
Hot Kaze
Stealing Kaze
Kaze zoom
Kaze bullet roulette
Sound bullet roulette


Hollowfication: Sora’s hollowfication is a great addition to Sora’s arsenal of powers. Reitsu, bankai, and hollowfication, makes him extremely fast soul reaper. He can also preform hollow attacks like Ceros and Balas. In bankai, Sora can shoot Ceros and Balas out of his guns.


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