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Default Re: Akatsuki Vs Espada

Please watch the video of the fight between Ulquiorra and Ichigo when Ichigo goes full hollow form in order to end your stupidity and irrational behavior due to your fanboy attachment to Naruto.

On of Ulquiorra's lances was the size of a mountain, probably about the same size as c4. He can spam them unlike Deidara. His lance is literally like a nuke.

As for speed, you have continually mentioned how a select few people from Naruto have speed rivaling shunsin. The difference between the Narutoverse and the Bleachverse is that NEARLY EVERYONE IN BLEACH CAN MOVE AT SPEEDS WHERE IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THEY ARE TELEPORTING while in Naruto only a select few can do that. You can see the speed in the video. As far as I know, no one in the Akatsuki has a level of speed close to Minato, Naruto in Bijuu mode, the Gai, or anyone for that matter. They would all get speed blitz. Stop your nonsense.

When released, Espada have regenerative abilities. Ulq. regrew limbs and so did Ichigo when he went full hollow.

Cero's do more than just blow the roof off of a building. Ceros can range in size and strength. You must have seen a little bitty tiny cero. There have been ceros which have had the capabilities to destroy an entire mountain.

Bleachverse has more destructive power. Look at Ichigo's final getsuga tenshou. It went into the horizon, created a giant fissure in the ground, and went into the sky. The most important aspect is that IT WENT INTO THE HORIZON. In addition to this, you can look towards Ichigo's fight with Ulquiorra again. Ichigo's destructive power in that was insane after he went hollow. Multiple ceros everywhere. Lastly, look towards Kenpachi during his fight with Nnoitra. By simply using two hands while swinging his sword, nothing else, he was able to create an absolutely massive pillar of sand from one swing of his sword. If that isn't enough, look at Komamura and how big his bankai is. If that still isn't enough, look at Tousen when he went hollow. If that STILL isn't enough, look at how easily Ichimaru cuts through entire blocks of sky scrapers in only shikai mode when he fights Ichigo. STILL NOT CONVINCED look at the entire battle between Grimjow and Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. There are many more, and this is in no way an extensive list.

As for tanking abilities, look to the espada's hierro. Nnoitra couldn't be cut by a sword because his was so hard. Renji also had a difficult time during one of his early battles with a low level arrancar and he said it was strange how hard his was. In contrast, most akatsuki, if not all, get cut by simple kunai.

In addition to this, Bijuu dama isn't all that great. It had a difficult time going through a few simple barriers on turtle island. It didn't just go straight through the barriers, it got stuck in them for a second. This also shows that Bijuu dama is SOLID, like a giant cannon ball. And once again, NONE OF THE AKATSUKI HAVE THIS ABILITY, JUST LIKE HOW NONE OF THEM HAVE THE ABILITY TO SPEED RUSH.

Most of your arguments are based on selecting a select few characters from the narutoverse and applying their abilities to all of the akatsuki. Your logic and reasoning is just false in this manner. At least with the espada, all of them have cero, all of them are able to speed blitz, and all of them have hierro. In contrast, none of the akatsuki can speed blitz, not all of them have massive destructive power, and they don't have the same tanking ability. In general, Bleachverse is much stronger, faster, and durable.

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