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Default Re: A True Adventure

Chapter 8: Experience Is Key

Pool took a short breath. His Weedle had evolved into a Kakuna. He had a feeling of pride. "Well, let's continue on our pathway to Cerulean" He said to Daniel.
"Uh, yeah" Daniel was already about 10 feet ahead. Pool had been gloating for a little bit and was left in Daniel's dust. "Let's try to get there as soon as possible" Daniel added.
"Yeah yeah whatever" Pool responded. He had caught up by now. Pool and Daniel shared stories and personal experiences for the next 20 minutes. Pool really enjoyed Daniel's company. He's really the first thing that Pool has ever had for a 'friend'. A quick rustle was heard in some nearby shrubs. "I totally got this dude" Pool said. He walked over to the bush, expecting there to be a pokemon. Instead of a pokemon behind the bushes there was a small kid, not any taller than 4 foot 7. The kid jumped back, startled.
"H-hey! G-go away!" The kid yelled. He threw out a pokeball and it hit Pool in the head. A small circular bruise was left in the middle porion of Pool's forehead.
"Ow! What the hell!" Pool scolded while rubbing his forehead. Out of the kids pokeball came a group of eggs. All of the eggs had eyes and mouths and were speaking gibberish. Pool responded by throwing his own pokeball, summoning Kakuna. "Oh wait... Kakuna only knows harden" Pool said aloud. "Stay to the side and get some rays" Pool told Kakuna. It hopped over to a spot where the sun was shining down and starting absorbing rays. Pool threw out another pokeball, and this time Bulbasaur came out. "I knew that Water would be weak against Exeggcute's Grass type" He noted.
"Very nice!" Daniel commented. He was slowly teaching Pool to be a great trainer.
"Exeggcute, use Bullet Seed!" The kid commanded. Each exeggcute egg shot two seeds at Bulbasaur.
"Dodge them!" Pool said to Bulbasaur. It wasn't able to avoid in time though, and was struck with the seeds. The good part is that the attack didn't do much damage. It wasn't very effective. "Well, strike back with tackle!" Pool shouted. Bulbasaur charged at Exeggcute and made contact with one of the eggs. "Four more left!" Pool exclaimed.
"Ancient Power" The kid yelled. He was pretty steamed that one of his eggs died. Rocks formed out of the ground and flew at Bulbasaur.
"Counter with Vine Whip" Pool responded. Bulbasaurs vines came out of it's back and slapped away the small rocks, much like how a baseball player hits a baseball. "Now get two more with Vine Whip!" Bulbasaur directed its vines at two eggs. Each vine grabbed a seperate egg and threw them both at the same nearby tree. The eggs didn't crack, because they were actual pokemon. "Nice!" Pool told his pokemon. Over about 15 meters to the left, Kakuna was getting a lot of sunlight.
"No no no no!" The kid ranted. "Kill it with Psychic!"
"Woah, that's an advanced move for an Exeggcute" Daniel commented. The remaining eggs focused on Bulbasaur, readying their attack. After 15 seconds though the eggs fell over and fainted due to exhaustion.
"WHAT?" The kid screamed. He returned his pokemon and ran away, humiliated.
"I'm guessing that his Exeggcute had no idea what Psychic even was" Daniel joked.
"I know right? Total spaz" Pool added on. Just about 100 feet away, there was a sign post stuck in the ground. Pool also spotted a house not too far away from the sign. Pool returned each of his pokemon and looked instantly at Daniel.
"Race you there?" Pool and Daniel both asked this at the same time. "3.. 2.. 1.. GO!" Pool yelled. The two took off, sprinting as fast as they could. "You have no chance!" Pool taunted. He was a bit infront of Daniel right now. In the next three seconds, Daniel had an amazing burst of speed and beat Pool to the sign in the ground, which was the unspoken finish line. The sign read Welcome All, To Cerulean City!.

There was a person, who looked about 14, leaning against the sign. He was wearing a flamboyant hat. It was yellow with black stripes down the sides. "We meet again..."

Arc 1 is completed. Please comment and tell me what you think about the Arc 1 finale!
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