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BoxHead is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.BoxHead is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.BoxHead is listed in every clan's bingo book under AWESOME.

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Chapter 20: Flames of Infernalis
“Flash Fire,” he said as he opened his palm. Small flames shot out at the ground, creating a small fiery explosion that lit up some shoes that were running. The Umbra was invisible! I saw the shoes trying put the fire out, but Roy’s arm suddenly turned into red flames as he punched in midair, shooting out a giant column of fire, aiming for the sneakers.

The shoes were kicked off as Roy cursed. “Missed him, but don’t worry, this is just the start.” He closed his eyes and said, “You may want to back up,” I ran back, fighting more BDs, while keeping an eye on him. He tilted his head as if dodging a blade. He then turned to the right in the same way.

Roy spun kick the air, but looking at his clothes, I could tell he hit the Umbra. He kept dodging until he clasped his hands together, making a giant ring of red fire blasted out from around him. Suddenly, I saw a figure of a lean man, about 6 feet tall, dressed in camouflage gear, holding a steel long sword. He grunted, looking at his burn wounds.

“Damn, ya knocked me outta shading,” the Umbra smirked. He had a thick southern accent, “Harold Wilson’s my name. Pleasure to meet ya,” He had a cocky look on his face that made me want to gut him, but Roy seemed to have it covered.

“Your shading… Your spirit energy tells me that it’s caused by shadow power covering all of your body. It requires concentration or it will deactivate. It blocks all senses, but that won’t work well against a guy like me,” Roy said back in the same cocky face.

I needed to gut both of them sooner or later. Harold shaded away, but Roy yelled, “That won’t work!” His feet exploded with a fiery blast as he flew straight into Harold, tackling him. His arms burst into flames burning Harold as he crashed into a wall. The Umbra looked angrier than ever. He held out his long sword as it glowed with shadow energy.

The sword exploded into a giant shadowy beam. It had the head of a lion that bared his fangs. “Ya see? I can put in shadow energy to make my weapon even more powerful!” Roy seemed unfazed as his hand turned into fire. In a flash, he stuck his fist into the lion’s open mouth as his hand exploded in a crimson inferno.

The flames traveled down the whole beam and back to the hilt of the sword, where all of the energy was released in a scarlet cataclysm. My jaw hit the floor. It took a while before the smoke cleared. I saw a pile of boulders as Roy smiled. I said, “Dead?” He smirked and shook his head.

“We’ll get him sooner or later. He’s not as much of a threat as the other things over there,” Roy pointed to the other Black Dawn Colonels. The woman spun acrobatically, sending off a dazzling light, blinding any fighters. To the other side of her was the bulky guy. His spiked club could shoot out shadow-cannonballs from the tip of it! It was hammering people from afar. However, the worst thing I saw was another line of enforcers headed at us.

“I’m gonna go destroy some groups of BDs. I don’t like releasing my scythe for easy kills, but this is an exception,” Roy said. Suddenly, I saw Roy burst into flames. He flew into the air and punched, sending a giant column of fire at a group of BD reinforcements. He strayed far away from the Reapers because after that, he single-handedly destroyed a large fraction of the reinforcements.

I saw him fly around like an aircraft, flying in circles, shooting down bullets of fire from his palms. He would occasionally drop down and decimate through a line of soldiers as a comet. He crashed into the ground where a giant tower of fire rose, hitting the ceiling. The impact of the fire caused some rocks to fall down, burning crazily. The searing stalactites that fell down destroyed many BDs.

He rematerialized as he spread his arms out, making a giant beam of fire shoot out. He spun around as fast as he could until the beam looked like a giant disk. He clasped his hands together as the giant disk shot out, sending a giant ring of fire that charred and burned enemies to a crisp. As he flew back to where I was, I yelled out, “Why didn’t you do this in the first place?”

He looked at me and said, “This technique does a lot of collateral damage. I can’t fight in groups unless they are suitably matched to fight with me,” I noticed that he came back because more Reapers had charged forward, fighting in the charred battlefield. “I’ve got to go deliver another mid-battle report. Thomas is swapping out with me as leading enforcer. Anyways, go take care of that Umbra,”

Roy pointed to the cannonball-club guy. He was smashing and gouging all Reapers that neared it. Suddenly, Chase ran behind him, and swung Rosae around like a lasso, attempting to smash the guy, but the Umbra somehow deflected it, even though it was out of his field of vision. As I ran towards the behemoth, all of my fingertips filled up with air.

I rolled to the side of the muscular man, and said, “Air Shotgun!” My fingertips exploded and regenerated as 10 pressurized air bullets sailed towards his back. As quick as ever, he ducked and turned around. H somehow sensed my air bullets. I looked at Chase “Uggh, he’s using that spirit thing…”

“No, I saw clearly. He generates different body parts. He literally can have eyes on the back of his head,”

“These Umbras are freaking strange,”

“Tell me about it,” The giant guy appeared to have ears on his back because he heard us. He swung the club at us, but I jumped and flipped in mid-air. Suddenly, an army stretched out of his shoulder blade and punched me in the chest. He was about to stomp me with 2 feet on one leg, but Chase shot Rosae and knocked it aside, but the legs disappeared as an arm caught Rosae. He tugged on its string as a blade shot out through the middle of the road, impaling the arm.

Chase used that momentum to jump in the air and wrap Rosae around him. He performed the thorny iron maiden as he stabbed the Umbra. He was conscious of his strength as he quickly drew back Rosae, so it wouldn’t break. At that point, I shot multiple air blades at its leg muscles trying to make it drop, but some arms popped out to take the blow.

“Who are you?” I asked the monster.

“Nicolas Aleksandrovsk,” the guy said with a thick Russian accent. I doubt he could speak any English, so I decided not to bother him with words. He passed the club to another arm on his back. He pulled a trigger attached to the gun and shot a cannonball straight at me. I used all my energy to propel it back with wind. Nicolas grabbed the cannon ball with two hands and crushed it back into shadow form.

Chase shot Rosae again, but this time, the petals were farther apart as needles shot out between them. “Telo upravleniya: Kharden,” Nicolas said, which I found out later meant, “Body control: Harden,” His muscles and bones grew larger and thicker. The blades entered the body, but only barely. The Umbra easily knocked the Rosae out, but Chase smirked.

“Sorry,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“I’ve failed to protect you guys twice. First, gas did me in, but then I was attacked while defending you from Taurus. You could say that this is an excuse, but I wasn’t really serious when fighting. However, now I am. A physical level two would be worthless if it was just a piece of transformed metal,” he explained.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Rosae produces different nectars. Some can be used for healing itself and sometimes others when it is broken, one can be used as a short boost in energy, and one can be used as a poison. Unfortunately for our Russian friend here, he got a does of the last nectar I listed,” Chase explained. Nicolas’s muscles started shriveling up, and he started panting. Chase turned to me. “Also, you’re gonna see why I’m a Captain,”

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