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Default Re: Is Naruto Shippuden Canceled on Disney XD?

Originally Posted by Eldest808 View Post
I mean they were on the Three Tails Arc and they just stoped airing. I am 19 and dont mind the Dub or the edits. But seriously they stop airing for 3months right in the middle of the arc way to leave everyone hanging. I know i can watch it online but i am one of those people who like to watch stuff on TV first before i go to the internet after a series ended. But it didnt even end and arent even close to ending. But when I turn there shows like Suite Life or Pheneos (Spelling error) and Ferb are on. Hell even my Dish Network Guide said it would be Naruto Shippuden but instead its the other live stuff. Like dont buy the rights to a show that you are not even going to air. Honestly I would rather have Naruto on Nicktoones cause they are showing my old favorite DBZ on it even with the edits i can live with as long as its on the air. But is it cancelled?
It cannot yet be determined if Disney XD will not air Naruto Shippuden again but it seems increasingly likely they gave up on it and will not bring it back to the schedule at any point. For now it's a waiting game.

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