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AgentShayd completed an S-Rank mission on the way to the bathroom.

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Default Re: User Image Album! Should You Choose, Strut Your Stuff Here.(Index on page 1)

Since it has been I dunno forever since I posted anything of me. Here are 4 that I took at the hotel I was staying at Friday night when I went to the circus with my vet tech class for a field trip. The animal pictures will be posted in a thread separate of this one. Also these 4 are to poke fun at Wooster... >.> I didn't have a pipe so I used glasses... xD
Reading... hmmm interesting what shall we have room service bring us?

No Wooster, no scotch.. we need food, not alcohol my dear...

Oh my this is so serious.. I just don't know what to pick...*chew on glasses*

Mango Duck or Coconut shrimp.. Mmm they all sound so good....
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