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Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.
Default Chapter 2

Akio had set up 10 puppets. Lone had destroyed one. But the battle was just getting started.

"Let me ask you this. Why were the spirits able to use acid to form weapons?" asked Lone. "Good question. It is because they need something to attack with. They are demon spirits after all. But they can also take possession of you and corrupt you with darkness, your light drove them away though. Oh well. Lets get started." Akio said.

Lone readied himself. Akio moved his fingers about. Six puppets circled around Lone. Three other puppets, Bunta, Gato and Toka were used to defend Akio. Pyro, Animal, Hiruko, Tobi, Cole and Zack circled around Lone. Lone watched them surround and move around him.

Zack the puppet made his first move. He rushed from behind Lone attempting to use his giant scissor-like weapons to slice through him. Lone had sensed this. Sand had quickly swarmed over Zack in a sand prison leaving only his face and weapon visible. Lone turned around to face him. Lone looked into his lifeless eyes. "Zack. I swear I'll avenge you." Lone said. From the side, Tobi, whom was painted white, had yellow star shaped pupils, had a long metal tongue and it's neck looked like it could extend. Tobi's hands weren't hands at all but multiple tentacles. Tobi did not have legs either, but more tentacles. Tobi had made his move by charging toward Lone with the sharp end of his tentacles out from the side. Lone jumped back to avoid the attack. From above, Pyro flew from above. He opened up his wooden mouth and sent a giant fire ball toward Lone. "Dragon Ball Jutsu." said Akio. Lone had recognized this puppet now. This Pyro was one of the seven Dragon Warriors. Lone clasped his hands together to form a sand barrier around him. Zack was still immobilized by sand. Lone was in a hardened sphere of sand. The Dragon Fireball engulfed the sand sphere in flames. The flames weren't going to die out. So Lone spread out the sand barrier and buried the flames into the ground. "So you decided to rob the graves of some of the Dragon Warriors. I recognize three of them among your collection of puppets. Pyro, Animal, and Hiruko." figured out Lone. "Correct. But I couldn't find the other four. But three of them are satisfactory." said Akio. moving his fingers about masterfully. Bunta's second coffin sprung up from the ground.

"I see you've woken up from your illusionary battle." Naraku says as he removes his hand from my head. "To think, you thought you broke through my genjutsu out of sheer willpower with your lighteye kekkei genkai. But in reality, I have broken your will. Do you think its possible to break out of a genjutsu of witch the darkeye located in the palm of my hand when it took hold of your mind, is even possible? No. Now, have some time to catch your breath and inhale and exhale until your finally able to fight. Go ahead. I'll let you recover." Naraku's shades gleam. He ignored my question from earlier. I wanted to know something. I am still kneeling in the exact same position as when my mind was first taken hostage by Naraku. He lets go of his grasp and I start gasping for air and coughing. I slowly crawl away from him gaining more strength as I stand up. I turn around. I'll have to be more cautious, I thought. My right arm that's been disabled should be able to use chakra now because it was all just a genjutsu. "Well, Lets start the real battle!" I said as I activate my lighteye, turning my sclera yellow and my pupil's black. I then become shrouded in a light aura shroud. The sword that's been planted in the wall to the side glows with light as I come rushing toward Naraku with a charged up chidori.

Meanwhile, Lone kept dodging the relentless attacks from the puppets. Akio looked like he was dancing as he performed masterfully with his eyes closed, and smirking. "I can beat with my eyes shut." said Akio. Lone had an idea. instead of trying to deal with the offensive puppets, he should deal with Akio's defenses. Zack suddenly broke out of the sand and came after Lone with his scissor-like weapons. Lone sensed him from behind. Lone swung around to shoot a light beam at Zack. Zack barely dodged it, by reflecting the light with his scissor-like weapons. The light just missed Lone's head, and it travelled toward Akio also just missing his head. Akio gave a stunned look of surprise. Lone knew he was going to win, but he couldn't give now. The attacking puppets closed in around Lone as the third coffin sprung up from the ground.

Naraku quickly takes out a small summoning scroll from his pocket and lays it out on the ground with unmatched speed as he plants his foot on the scroll. Poof! A four pronged shuriken had appeared in his hand. Naraku threw the shuriken at the chidori wielding Ishtar rushing toward him. "Your going to have to do better than that!" Naraku laughed. "Oh really? I'm determined to defeat you. I'm not gonna lose!" The sword that was glowing with light on the wall, was connected with Ishtar's light aura capable of transporting Ishtar to the exact same location as where the sword was glowing. As I see the shuriken being thrown at me, I quickly stop and deactivate chidori, closing my eyes, trying to focus. "Iron Skin." I said as I opened my eyes catching the shuriken with my bare hands. "Heh, your shuriken rigged with "secret" string is getting old, Naraku." As I drop it onto the ground. I then take out a paperbomb and then.......poof! I disappear in a flash. But where was I? I had teleported by uaing my light aura chakra to get to the location of where the sword was glowing that was stuck in the wall. I throw the paperbomb in Naraku's direction surprising him from the side whilst the sword on the ceiling started glowing and in a yellow flash, I was gone. The secret string that was attached between the rigged shuriken and Naraku's hand had failed. Naraku let go of the string. He was then caught off guard to the left as he saw a paperbomb being thrown at him. "Mobility Control!" yelled Naraku as he altered the trajectory of the paperbomb a little bit as he activated his offensive-defensive mode, to shield him from the explosion. He had almost no time to react to it. Boom! An explosion had occurred very near Naraku, Naraku jumped away to avoid it. The entire shoulder area of his robe has been skin revealed and blown off. His defense skin returned to normal as there, right on his shoulder, was a bloodshot eye. "3 Seconds to recharge." Said Naraku as he was again caught off guard when he looked up at the ceiling, only to see me. As I fell from the ceiling of the room, Naraku only had 2 seconds left to recharge. His defensive mode is also delayed. But wait, There was still the offensive part for Naraku's offensive-defensive jutsu. I suddenly spotted the eye on Naraku's shoulder as I fell. Now what is that? I thought. Naraku had 1 second left. But I landed behind him instead. I had a plan. I quickly grab the string that was attached to the rigged shuriken. and quickly turn around only to meet the invisible force that was part of the offensive-defensive jutsu. A pattern huh? Naraku keeps switching between his force field attack and his hardened skin. Offense-Defense-Offense-Defense-Offense, I thought. Exactly like Lilina's jutsu. I have a theory. "Ishtar." Naraku said as he turns around and holds out his palm out toward me and uses the same telekinetic barrier to push me away. "Give up!" He said as he strengthens the repelling effect of the jutsu to push me back farther and with much more force. The eye located on his shoulder turns a red tint. My body feels all light and funny feeling and my vision got blurry from the feel of the barrier. I go flying across the room feeling weightless, But I still had the string in hand. I'm holding one end of the string while the other end is tied to the shuriken somewhere behind Naraku. Thats a perfect plan, I thought, But comes with its own risks as I feel the crushing feel of myself slamming into the wall. But not without the rigged shuriken coming this way! "What?!" This time, Naraku had no time to react to such a well strategized plan. The shuriken then pierces through the skin of the shoulder, where the eye was located. Ishtar could barely hear the screams of Naraku. "My eye! My beautiful eye!" Naraku glances at his shoulder only to see a destroyed eye in its place. The rest was blocked out as Ishtar fell unconscious.

Lone kept dodging every attack and countering back. Akio finally said. "Dust hammer!" The dust technique can do molecular damage. You're finished, Lone. Akio thought. Cole the puppet made a giant dust hammer in his hand and with both of his hands, lifted the hammer above his head from behind Lone. Lone quickly swung around to shoot a light beam.

"Ugh.." I groan as I slowly and painfully get up. Looks like I outsmarted you this time. But the scabbard and that sword Naraku had, by now, He should be completely healed. Oh well, I'll find some way to utterly defeat him, I thought, As I completely stand up and conjure up a chidori in my palm. "Stop holding back, Naraku. Show me what you're really made of. Show me the seven beings who dwell within you! Show me Hugh!"

Cole the puppet was destroyed. Akio gave a look of surprise. "You're better than I had originally thought." He said glaringly. The fourth coffin pops up. "But this is where I end it. Giant Fire wave." Pyro opened up it's puppet mouth and a stream of fire came out. The fire built up quickly as a sea of fire was created. Pyro performed hand signs. The sea of flames came alive and created a tidal wave of fire. The other puppets were safely behind Pyro. Lone watched as the giant wave was about to crash down upon him.

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