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Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.Ishtar finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.
Default Chapter 1

In the dead leafless forests. Lone went chasing after Ishtar. Either to assist him, or bring him back to the Heaven Warrior's base. Lone stopped in his tracks. Someone was waiting for him. "Akio." Lone said. "Is there something you want?" asked Akio, sitting on the ground facing the opposite direction playing with his puppets. "Playing with your dolls?" Lone said. "They are not dolls!" Akio stopped the movement of his fingers and his puppets fell to the ground. "Koji and Bunta are my master pieces." He explained. "What's so special about them, Akio?" asked Lone. Akio smirked. "They were former ninja's. Meaning I turned them into puppets. I have a collection, but only worthy ones are allowed into my collection. I've been collecting them for years. I recently added my tenth addition." explained Akio. "Are you here to stall me?!" said Lone. "Correct." said Akio getting up. "You're not going to pass me. You will finally die and Ishtar will be caught. I have my orders. I'm either to destroy you, or stall you as much as I can." admitted Akio. "I see." said Lone. "Well, shall we get started?" smirked Akio. "Summoning!" An explosion of smoke burst out. As the smoke cleared, Akio and his puppets were ready for combat. "10 puppets. One for each finger. Let me introduce you to my collection. Here we have Koji, Toka, Bunta, Gato, Tobi and on my other hand we have Cole, Pyro, Hiruko, Animal and....Zack." He smirked wider. "You monster." said Lone gritting his teeth. Lone quickly placed his hand on his sheath. But before Lone can make his first move, with just a move of the finger, Akio activated Koji's special ability. The puppet's eyes glowed. Lone's world was plunged into darkness. Everything was pitch dark. "There is no way you're going to defeat me. The Mugendai Karuto will prevail! We outnumber you fools who foolishly try futile attempts to stop us in our plot of victory."

I walk slowly through the dead looking leafless tree's of the forest wastelands that are of Mugendai Karuto's territory. With my brown robe and hood, I walk silently and carefully and avoid any traps that were set to delay me. I was surprised none were set. I start thinking. Tonight, Either I will die, Naraku will prevail, or I will have the upper hand and kill he him. I am here, I thought as I lift my hood from my head. I look up at the now abandoned Mugendai Temple. The very place where the infinity cult performed rituals. I would not be surprised if Naraku has mastered the dark arts of necromancy in this very temple of witch I now stand before. ~Creeaak~. the door made a sound when it was opened. I peeked into the darkness ahead of me. I walk forward without fear as auto-switches turn on the lights revealing desecrated tombs, altars, blood smeared all over the walls, the half eaten corpses. I slowly make my way past the temple and I see a dark hallway. I walk through, still without fear. I then realize Im not in a hallway anymore, but a large room. But I cant see anything. Then, out of nowhere, came this blinding light and I can see this figure of a man standing at the end of the room, but whats he doing? I look closer and I gasp. Squelching noises are heard throughout the room, The figure stops, then slowly turns his head and looks at Ishtar. There's no doubt about it. This is Naraku. I recognize those shades of his. That hood. The black robe with flame patterns. The huge neck collar with bandages witch covered his mouth. He slowly stopped eating the corpse. I can't see very clearly, but I think the bandages covering his mouth were undone so he can eat. The dead ninja lay next to him with blood smeared on the ground next to him. The dead ninja he has been feeding upon has satisfied his hunger. He grabs a black cloth that was worn by the dead ninja and ties it around his mouth trying to hide his face. The shades witch were on the ground beside him was picked up and put back on. He finally says "Ishtar, greetings, Im very glad that you made it, I was starting to worry that you weren't going to arrive. But you came at the perfect time." Naraku says as his shades gleam in the light. "Im sorry to say this, but I'm not growing impatient. Actually, Zero is growing impatient. But so am I." said Naraku as he slowly limps toward Ishtar. "Dont you dare come any closer Naraku." AI said as I quickly place my hand on the handle of my blade. "Naraku, Just what the hell are you planning, huh?" As Naraku limps and creeps closer without saying a word, I then make the first move as I swipe out my sword and twirl around throwing it at a nearby wall, and in that split second, pull out my second sword and run forward toward Naraku, only to jump up toward the ceiling and sticking the sword up there. I let out a smirk on my face and say "Naraku, tonight, we perform the battle of all battles to see who is worthy of having that very sheath that you comfort your sword in." I let out a big smile of confidence and prepare a chidori in the right palm of my hand and fall off the ceiling toward Naraku. Naraku gives a surprised look, as if he wasn't expecting that, Ishtar pierces him in the heart from above with his chidori.

"Demonic Illusion" A voice echoed within the darkness. Lone could not see in the inky darkness. He looked around trying to find a way. But knew there was no way out. Lone kept walking. For awhile, he kept on walking and walking. He saw something up ahead. Lone squinted to see what it was. It was a coffin standing upright. It opened up revealing spikes. It looked like it was used mainly for torture or killing. Lone turned around and walked the opposite way. He looked back at the coffin again. It was closer than before. lone picked up the pace. He looked behind him again. He started running. It was closer than ever. Until...
Lone opened his eyes. He was on the ground. He got up, and brushed himself off. He started brushing his legs off. But as soon as he did that. He sensed something. He looked up quickly to see a black shadow rushing toward him. Lone jumped to the side to avoid a shadowy being flying past him. "I see you've woken up. What you just saw was the near cause of your death. But another thing you saw was a demonic spirit. Let me elaborate further on Koji's abilities. Koji, my puppet, can send the opponent into a genjutsu. What else is that he can use his special arm mechanism to shoot out the souls of the dead. The souls of demons. It works like this. The arm mechanism is a jutsu itself. It calls the souls of the dead. Koji can use them as ammo. That's right. Koji's launches out demonic souls to attack with his chakra weapon. It calls upon only the foulest of spirits." explained Akio. Lone knew that this was going to be one heck of a battle. Lone looked to the left of Akio and saw a coffin standing up right. "What is that?" He asked. "That is one of Bunta's ability. He summons up coffins that contain dead ninja's whom I collected over the years and were worthy enough, but not worthy enough to be added to my collection." he explained further. "I see." said Lone.

Meanwhile, Ishtar makes "contact" only to phase right through Naraku like some kind of ghost. "Ishtar, I congratulate you, really, I've watched you grow and you might just have what it takes to defeat me." Naraku's shades gleam. "However, You, who would be seeking my sheath and sword, two legendary items." The voice booms and echoes in the vast room "You must be pretty damn stupid to face me alone knowing that your life is forfeit." As Naraku surprises me from behind, he suddenly places his hand on my head using absorption arts immobilizing me, making me kneel to the ground mindlessly. I drop my sword.
The purple shroud surrounding Naraku's hand was placed on my head. "I........can' ." I thought as I started drooling. " rsion..............1." I thought again. My eyes turn a yellow sclera with black pupil's, I then suddenly push myself forward with sheer willpower. I start gasping for air. I looks behind me and I see an eye on Naraku's palm. I give a stunned look. "What the hell?" I say as I am now in lighteye 1st state. I conjure up a chidori and rush forward toward Naraku being sure that this time, it will hit. Right before I make contact, Naraku grabs the wrist of my hand that is now wielding the wild chidori with quick precision and reaction speed, all with the aid of the eye on his Naraku's palm. He then channels his chakra into my wrist disabling the chidori "You know Ishtar. Now you won't be able to use that for several minutes. I want to ask you something, What's going to happen if you defeat me? What are you really after? Other than trying to kill me. Which is useless. Cause you know you can't beat me."
"You and the scabbard as well as the legendary sword is mine. These are vital tools." I said with a confident smile. I pull out a kunai with my free hand and aim it for Naraku's head point blank range. Naraku jolts his head back as the kunai misses his head and nearly breaks his shades. "You're walking the path of power. If you defeat me, This sword and scabbard will only confirm your destiny. If I win, Mugendai Karuto will win. Watch yourself." Naraku says as his hand has turned a grey tint. He grabs my throat with his free hand. "This is one of my necromancy arts. The art of rot on touch." Naraku explains. "Heh, Its not that easy." I said as I reverse the direction of my kunai as it is now facing the other way in my hand. "Naraku. I want to know." As I make a quick stabbing motion toward Naraku's hand of rot before he touches my throat.

Akio stood there, with his ten puppets. "You will not win." he said. Koji lifts up his arm to shoot. Lone quickly senses and jumps to the side to avoid being shot down by a demon spirit. "Koji." Akio said. Koji obeyed and started rapid firing. Lone looked around him. A whole bunch of demon spirits, which looked like people surrounded Lone. "Can you defeat us?" challenged Akio. One of the demonic spirits spit out acid toward Lone. Lone jumped to the side again. The spirits circled around him. The acid spit looked deadly. The demonic spirits stopped. They then spit out acid to form acid armor, acid bows, acid swords, and other hardened weapons. "Yeah. I can beat you." challenged Lone back. Akio laughed "Hahahahahaha. That was funny." he said. "You over estimate yourself." Lone said.

Naraku is now aware of the kunai aimed for his hand. In that instant, his skin solidifies and turns to a turquoise tint. Clang! As the kunai comes into contact with his hand. "Know what?" Naraku says. I'm suddenly pushed back by some unknown force. "Recognize this technique, Ishtar?" Naraku says as he becomes enshrouded in red aura. I was pushed back onto the ground by some strong invisible force. "Yes, I do. I know that technique anywhere. Is it not Lilina's Offense-Defense Technique? What are you doing with it?" I ask curiously as I get up from the ground. My eyes turn orange. "Lighteye Third State." I say as I inhale and perform handsigns for Fire Style: Flamethrower toward Naraku. Heh, he wont be able to react quick enough to use his offense-defense mode, There is a time delay for each use, I thought as I let out a stream of flames from my mouth. Naraku see's the flames coming at him as he mumbles, "What a waste of chakra...Jutsu Cancellation." Naraku says as he snaps his fingers and the flames disintegrate into nothingness. He unexpectedly runs towards me. "I see Naraku is going to use the benefits of the red shroud aura he has cloaked on." I turn around and start running. If he meets contact with me in any physical way, I'm done for. I thought. Time for a chidori, not on my right hand, because he disabled chakra flow to that hand for several minutes, but my left as I start prepping for another chidori. I turn around and strike at my follower.

Meanwhile, Akio and Lone were just starting their battle. The spirits started to circle around Lone. Lone looked around to see if any would attack so he can counter back. The first move was made. One spirit with a sword attempted to strike Lone from behind by flying into him. But before he can slice through him. Lone swiftly dodged and struck it with Kinbu, his sword. The shadowy demonic spirit howled as it disintegrated into nothingness. "Acid armor won't protect them." Lone said. Another one with scissor hands and another with an axe came at Lone from both sides. They screamed their battle cries of the dead. Lone closed his eyes in that instant. Time seemed to stand still. Lone's sword started glowing. He quickly opened his eyes. Kinbu let out a blinding flash. Warding off the dark evil spirits.

I strike into nothingness, surprised, as there is nobody there. I hear a whisper from behind me. He rests his hand on my shoulder. "You shall meet your mother and father soon enough.......When your dead." I feel the hand resting upon my shoulder behind me. I have a dreaded feeling over me. The chidori suddenly dies out in my hand. I was finished. There is no escaping the impossible. I kneel down on the ground on my knee's realising my defeat. I wait for death as I prepare for the worst. "Don't worry, this will be swift." He walks away, still cloaked with his red aura, he creates a link between us, a red chakra thread. "The red chakra thread of fate, is what its nicknamed Ishtar. And on the squeeze of my fist, your heart will fail." Naraku turns around and stares at me with gleaming shades "Now, die." He then squeezes his hand shut into a fist, stopping my heart.

The demonic spirits are being warded off. "Demonic Cannon." Akio ordered. Koji lifted up it's arm to rapid fire more demons. The demonic spirits surrounded Lone in a sphere of darkness. Akio smirked. In a sudden instant. A blinding light erupted from the core of the sphere of darkness and blasted the spirits away. A beam of light shot toward Koji the puppet. Koji burns and disintegrates into ash and dust. "I-I didn't see that coming. So it is true. Lone, is it? I've heard rumors that you control light. It's very fast, isn't it? It looks like I'm gonna have to start getting serious then. 9 puppets. Judging from the exploits I've heard about you, I should be expecting to lose a few my puppets. But you will not prevail!" Akio said getting into a serious stance with his 9 other puppets surrounding him.

I squeeze my chest in pain as my heart beats faster and faster, not knowing when it will stop. I am literally on my knee's with my face touching the ground clenching my chest. This is......the end. I then feel something. My......mind.....It feels like its being absorbed? A mind numbing feeling? I think in utter confusion. Why is it that Im not dead? I quickly open my eyes in utter shock and amazement.

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