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Thumbs down Re: naruhina already been canon though...

Originally Posted by CAS5 View Post
naruhina already been canon though...

when was it ever confrimd that naruto loves Sakura or even have crushes on her ever in the manga serise?
Chapter 457, pages 11 and 12.
Chapter 458, page 15.

The fact that Naruto was blushing when Sakura confessed to him shows that his romantic feelings for Sakura weren't changed by Hinata's confession to him.
show 1 panel that even have clue that he likes her romancally.

I can provide more if you'd like.

Can you provide any panels that show Naruto has romantic feelings for Hinata?
He treats her like a sister
Yeah, because you totally blush around your sister, try to peep on her when she's bathing, and ask her out on dates. /sarcasm
there no reason he would like her if she hits him.
Tell that to all of the manga and anime characters that fell in love with girls that hit them (Kenshin and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin, Saito and Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Yusuke and Keiko from Yu Yu Hakusho, Ranma and Akane from Ranma 1/2, etc.)
i would never like a girl hit me.
Are you Naruto? No - so you're statement is completely irrelevant. He's never seem bothered by the hitting - it's purely satirical.
Sai is just a retard and yamato needs to mind his own dam bisinuss.
Do you have any defense against Sai and Yamato's claims that don't resort to baseless character bashing?
Please provide the panel that proves this.
naruto loves hinata but my boys a litle shy
You can't be serious. Naruto's just about the LEAST shy character in the entire manga. If he has romantic feelings for someone, you know it. He's never shown any romantic interest in Hinata - in fact, he's been all but ignoring her existence since her confession.
1sakura doesnt love him
Panel evidence please.
she will end up with sasuke when he come back to the village.
Not only are you assuming that he'll even end up going back to Konoha at all, and that Sakura's feelings for Sasuke haven't changed, but you're also assuming that Sasuke loves Sakura. He's never shown any sort of romantic feelings for Sakura, and given that he tried to slice her throat with a poisoned kunai, I'm pretty sure he never will.
dont say sasuke dont love sakura just cause of what happened.
You can't pretend the murder attempts didn't happen because it bodes ill for a pairing you support. Trying to kill someone pretty much destroys any notion of him secretly harboring romantic feelings for Sakura deep inside.
can anybody really prove he dont love her,
The fact that he remorselessly tried to kill her a couple times wasn't enough for you?
boyfriend and husbands beat/kill their wives gf all the time but they still love them inside. i look up and read that 50% of men beat their lovers, it could be a clue for sasusak
What complete and utter garbage. If you beat or try to kill someone, you certainly don't love them.

Just because you are going out with someone or married to them, that doesn't automatically guarantee romantic love.

2i stronly believe in naruto loves hinata, he went 8tails just when hinata die, and was happy when she alive. people always forget that you could love by first sight
Sure, love at first sight is possible (at least in fiction). However, there's no evidence whatsoever in the manga to back up your claim that Naruto is in love with Hinata.

She's a friend of his - of course he'll be upset to see her "die" and be happy that she's alive. That doesn't mean he's in love with her. The fact that he ignored Hinata after her confession, as well as the fact that he went 4 tails just hearing Orochimaru taunt him about Sasuke supports my theory pretty well.

And just so you know, Naruto didn't grow 8-tails - he grew 6 first, and then the other two grew during the battle as the seal further weakened.
3 no girl will ever be like strong, sexy as hell or love naruto good like hinata
Sakura is plenty strong herself; strong enough that when she showed off her improved skills, Naruto looked completely smitten with her. Pretty sure that Naruto loves the way that Sakura looks too, given the fact that he blushes around her and tries to peep on her.

He's never shown any attraction to Hinata, however.
she asian too
They live in Fire country - none of them are Asian. Asia doesn't even exist in Narutoverse.
so she have nice tight juicy *youknowwhat* for naruto .I want to do nasty things with hinata
i have like 1267 pics of hinata's sexy body on my work computer alone as example but i cant show here/ email me if you want to see i want to plow hinata

That's disgusting and irrelevant.

sakura look like a tranny street hood, she have no boobs or butt so that makes her worth nothin
You're worth nothing if you don't have big boobs or a big butt? Guess all the males in Naruto are then.

Seriously though, Naruto seems attracted to Sakura just the way she is and has never shown any attraction to Hinata - guess he doesn't share your preferences (thank God).
4naruto make promise in BLOOD. To fix hyugg clan!! that mean naruto basicilly HAVE to marry hinata or he look like jerk to neji clan
So wait, let me get this straight. I'll change the Hyuuga clan = I'll marry Hinata? Lol - no.

He meant that when he becomes Hokage, he'll rule in such a way that the discrimination and unfair practices in the Hyuuga clan will no longer be allowed.

Oh, and fyi, Naruto made that blood vow for all losers - that includes Lee as well as Hinata.
5when sakura hug naruto it mean love like sister/brother
Really? The characters standing around them didn't seem to think so, if they're surprised/blushing faces are anything to go by. Hell, the little girl standing right next to them is making the classic, "how romantic" expression with hands clasped beneath her chin and everything.
6sakura didnt love naruto the confession was lie!!! it mean nothin. thats the truth
There is a chance that everything Sakura said was a lie - but Kishi made it pretty ambiguous. Naruto didn't specify what she was lying about, and Sakura looked blatantly fake at some parts and quite sincere during others.

So no, it doesn't prove that Sakura doesn't have romantic feelings for Naruto.
7in ep 123 i think naruto kiba shino and hinata were on mission to find bugs and in the lake hinata was dancing for naruto acknowlegmnt and naruot say he think girl was sexy momma like hell, he attractive to hinata so that would be good for them in bed :wink and icing on cake naruto hug hinata!! we never see naruto hug sakura
Does the word filler mean anything to you? You know, that thing that animators make up and stick in the anime, that never actually happened in the original story?
8hinata would be better wife and motherly
Hinata would make a great mother sure. But there's nothing to suggest that Sakura wouldn't make an equally good one - she's shown great care and tenderness. Case in point, the little girl that she rescued and healed from the giant centipede during Pein's attack.
sakura not in love with naruto!!
You can claim this as many times as you like, but it's not gonna fly any more than it did the first time without proof from the manga.
she would beat the baby if look like naruto!!
That's a ridiculous and insulting assumption. There's nothing to suggest that she'd be less than loving and kind to ANY baby, much less HER OWN.
9when naruto say he want date with sakura he mean a joke.
Kishimoto presented the date requests as satirical, yes. But does that mean Naruto doesn't actually want to go out with her? No - we saw that when Sakura actually accepted one, and he eagerly tried to find the money to pay for it.
like when someone force a father by gun to rape his baby daughter(heard in newspaper) it don't mean real love/sexully attractive .he just want to impres his beer buddies because "peer pressure"
Please, show me any evidence of ANYBODY peer pressuring Naruto into asking Sakura out on dates. Please, show me the panel where someone forced Naruto at gunpoint to ask Sakura out.

Your claims are beyond ludicrous - Naruto's attracted to Sakura, and is romantically in love with her. It's obvious. Get over it.

10 i read in interview that when naruto answers hinata confession he asks to marry her,
Show me the interview in question, and then I might actually begin to believe you.
as icing on the cake kishi made kushinas say she want him to find girl like herself, hinata is kind, motherly, come from a strong clan, and sacrafice for naruto like kushina. Sakura have been actin weird.
Sakura has far more things in common with Kushina than Hinata does. Sakura has been shown to be kind, motherly (to her patients), and sacrificing for Naruto as well. She risked her life to try and bring Naruto back from his 4 tailed state and just recently did her best to put Naruto's safety and feelings before her own.

Kushina and Sakura are alsmot uncannily similar in their mannerisms, as the manga clearly shows:

The only things that Hinata has in common with Kushina are long hair and a strong clan. I highly doubt Kushina meant physical appearance or strong clan families when she said someone like her.

so yeah i think naruhina will happen and not suckura get the guy she hate in the beggining. thats just mess up if narusaku happen
SAKura doesn't hate Naruto anymore, if she ever really did HATE him. What's messed up is your perception of the manga, and the fact that you think tired and baseless character bashing will help your argument in anyway.

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