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Chapter 9: Spill the Intention


Hikaru was in a small room, the size of a normal elevator room.

"Hello, Earthling." Sound came out from speakers surrounding him. Hikaru jumped at the sound.

"H-hi...? Who are you?" Hikaru asked, shaking.

"Someone you don't know. You see-"

Hikaru broke the speakers in rage, and then sat down grumpily.

"That won't help one bit," The voice surprised Hikaru once more.

"H-how are you doing that...?" Hikaru said, standing up again.

"No particular way," It replied. "Do you know where you are? Underground Tokyo. Were you expecting to wake up as if this was all a nightmare? It tormented Hikaru.

"No, I wasn't. What do you plan to do with us?" Hikaru said, more fiercely this time.

"Well, you may already know this, but to fight Moberlous for us... It takes too many men to do so. We need the power of aliens to help. This is being generous, as we are letting you roam around in the city fighting evil instead of.. Say, controlling you like a puppet. No more tests are being done on you." It explained.

Hikaru wanted to ask it one more question. "What about Teklen and Maranon?"

"Tekloon and Maraneen? Who are they?" It was confused.

"No, Teklen and Maranon," Hikaru corrected. "Two aliens that were with me, one of them was being tested for 40 years?"

"Oh, them. I wasn't assigned to them yet." It started.

"Assigned? What do you mean?" Hikaru pushed on, curiousity filling him after each question.

"I'm supposed to tell you what we're here for." It explained once more.

"Can you start doing that please?" Hikaru sighed. This was getting him nowhere.

"Oh yeah, right. We are in underground Tokyo-"

"I know that!" Hikaru was getting furious with this person... Or thing.

"What do you want to know?" It asked nicely.

Hikaru just started to ignore it and he decided to catch some sleep.

-Some time later...-

Hikaru woke up with a jump, watching one of the walls open up. A silhouette of a man looked like a giant as Hikaru was lying down. Hikaru was grabbed roughly and brought down a dark hall, and thrown into yet another room, this time much bigger.

It has been some time that I have seen light, Hikaru thought, still groggy from his nap. I just wish there was a chance for me to stop all of this. A chance to prove to Teklen and Maranon... Teklen and Maranon? Hikaru had forgotten all about them!

I need to find Teklen and Maranon. This is just a dream... This is just a dream... Eh, what's the use.

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